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Positive Thinking
(02-02-2013, 03:11 PM)ladyforsaken Wrote: Positive thinking has done a lot of good for me and a lot of good things have happened since I changed my thinking and mindset from negative to positive. It really has and I'd totally suggest it for anyone who would like changes to happen. It's not an overnight thing that happens, but over time, you'll realise positive things happening, in small minor forms at first. Continue on and you'll see bigger things.

If not for positive thinking, I don't think I could be here right now.

I agree...positive thinking is a powerful tool. There is some merit to misery loves company..but for the most part...people want to be around upbeat happy people..not sad depressed down people. Thoughts cause actions. Unless its a jerking your hand from a hot think of something before you do it. If you think positively...your actions will also be of a positive nature.

One main point..if something ISNT working..stop ...think..reflect and do something different. That is learning...we has humans are pretty good at the top of the game on that matter what your IQ is.
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Just speaking of positive thinking, it works to an extent but doesn't cure everything. Dwelling too much on negative thoughts puts you in the mindset that things are going to go wrong, what you're doing isn't worth stopping to appreciate, and raises your stress in general without providing a solution to any problems The same day from a negative mindset is much worse than it is in a positive mindset.
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Negative thinking got me into a depressive funk that lasted for years, where I was afraid that nothing would work out for me. That being said, forcing positive thinking didn't help me to get out of it--often after beginning work or school and thinking, "This will be a good day," led to disappointment often and let me cycle back to negativity. I found that making the effort to better myself, mindfulness, and a kind of calmer acceptance of what would be and of my shortcomings rather than forcing myself to be upbeat, helped me to climb out of it. I think things like meditation and working on self improvement without overdoing it works better for overcoming negative thinking. I'm not too sure about the Law of Attraction science, though.

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