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Past Drama being brought back up
Well, I do not know I have shared this drama from my past, but I will share. As I may have said before I play cards competitively. Last year I was traveling with people to events though out the season, up until last May(still playing and travel this year). The game I play, I have/do not experience much luck/success in. Being as competitive as I am, over time that created alot of frustration. The last tournament weekend of the season before nationals, that came to a head. Not doing well, being frustrated with my performance I went to eat and waited for the people who I travel with to finish cut. While I was eating I came to the decision that, I've had enough playing. I decided that I was not going to go to the 2nd place the next day and in fact that I was going to go instead home. I told the people who I was traveling with my plans and that I was going to wait until they got done until I left. I was waiting at one of the people who I was traveling with parent's home(where we stayed) till they got back(they were getting a ride caz there was suppose to be a "party" afterwards), then leave. Well, it was assumed that because I was not there that I in fact already left. At that point, I could not change my mind, due to them being upset at the thought of being abandoned and wanting nothing to do with me. My minor brother was with them, I tried to talk him to come with me but he would not listen. Once I heard from my mom that it was ok for him to stay, I left town and headed home. I realize that I hurt the people who I traveled with, and not only that but I lost a lot of respect and trust from the community. I lost my official leadership at my league, friends(temporary), and in time my professorship(due to an off hand "joke" that was unrelated down the line)
The people who I've hurt were as followed.
-My Friend who I traveled with all season up to that point
-Our mutual friend who's house I stayed at, and his family.
-My friend's dad who had to take a day off of work to go take him to the 2nd day event and drive him back home.
-People in the community's opinion, respect, trust for me.

I know what I did was wrong, and for a while it bread alot of depression and bitterness in me. It closed me off more then what I was before the experience. It is one of the things that lead me to not only this site, but to seek an intimate relationship. Though I am moving forward and I even have an intimate relationship that I can not say I would have had if i have not done what i did, it still haunts me.

The good news is that both friends talk to me and even have me friends on facebook again. Though both would not travel with me, Until Recently(the one who traveled with me the whole prev. season.) The only exception to the people who haven't forgave are.
-The friends parents who house I was staying at, but I do not do anything to do with them.
-A mutual friend of the dad's who unfriended me and does not talk to me.
everyone else talks to me and is somewhat friendly.

Why would I now share this? Well, besides the fact that this still haunts me in my Professorship and league leadership(do not have ether back), someone decided to bring it up who wasn't even involved and until tonight I didn't even knew he knew.

The post was:
Well, thanks to N. Fing with J's mind it looks like I won't be going to IL states any more. Nebraska it is!Like · · Unfollow Post · 2 hours ago near Richfield, MN

Seen by 9
JH, MS and LG like this.

MS: Is it really a two day thing?
6 minutes ago · Like

Me: its offical on the gym
6 minutes ago · Like

MS: Huh. Alright. Guess that's fine. I don't make top anyway, so fuck the group I travel with; I'll just go home and leave them anyways. Wait...
2 minutes ago · Like

As soon as I saw that I shoot him a message:
Hey man whats your problem?

He didn't answer.
Realizing that I need not start any drama I sent him a follow up message:
whatever it is, no worries man.

This guy is known to try to stir drama with me and is known to have the track record of being a boob, from what I hear.
I want to avoid Drama, did I send the right last message?
And if you have any other feedback I would like to hear it.
Yeah you did send a good last message.

Other than that, why would you take a meaningless sport more seriously than your friends and associates that play it? You need to explore yourself and find your motivation for doing what you did.
I thank you for confirming that I did send a good last message. However I did not post this to be continuously pointed out or question what I did wrong. Though to answer your question, I was tiring to get a world's invite. That is something of which I wanted to achieve, and before the last stretch of tournaments I was close. I wanted to say that achieved something and be proud of it. Though I have long accepted that dreams are just that, fantasy.
They are gone. No more past drama =D

That's what I had to do - get rid of the past drama.

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