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The Vegan Game!
Ok, here's the deal. I say a word that has a relation to veganism and you take the last letter of this word and say another one which has a relation to the topic. For example I say "animals" and the next would be let's say "seitan".. So next? Remember, it has to be related..
Endless Nameless
C'mon guys! Ok, I'll do the second, too.. I said seitan, so the next would be nuts! It's your turn!
Endless Nameless
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Aren't we suppose to use the last letter of the previous word? Lmao.
Or am I wrong here?

Kangaroo? Wait that's not related to veganism.

Kale? Am I doing this right?
LOLL right! hahaha, this is what happens when you don't read instructions

Edamame?? that's another member on here! LOL okay yes I know what this is in real life lol.


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