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Lost, not Found
I wished you were truly mine, I wished you truly cared,
The troubles I faced, I tackled alone,
The pain of rejection, the tears of sorrow,
What felt like eternity, felt like imprisonment,
Never by my side, never within my sight,
Just a hug, a kiss, a commitment was all I asked,
When will you ever learn, when will I ever learn,
That you were no good, that I am no good anymore,
I sought revenge, I felt ashamed,
I seek revenge, I want amends,
I am in pain, yet you left me to die,

When will you comprehend, when will you grow,
Will it ever happen, or am I delusional,
What did I ever mean, worthless and wrong,
What did I ever see, truth or lies,
These hallucinations, these fantasies,
Dreaming of something that will never work,
Dreaming of a fictitious life that I will never gain,
Ruining what we had, cutting me slowly,
Ruining my thoughts, destroying my trust,

Did you ever care, for my worries never mattered,
My pain never resolved, my hurt never comforted,
This is my soul left alone, wondering, lost and never found,
When will I ever find happiness, when will I ever learn,
You left me cold, you left me bear, your absence speaks volumes,
This is our story, a story of loss, our story of nothing,
What did I ever gain, what haven’t I lost,
I am deemed the hater, I am deemed a whore,
What worth did I feel, what love did I feel,
Struggling to survive, struggling to get by,
Yet no words of comfort, no words of support,
No actions to help, no actions to secure,
Left out in the cold, left aside to die,
I needed comfort, I needed you,
Yet you vanish, always leaving me alone,
Same old story, same old mess,

This is our story, of our tangled hearts, one lost, the other never found,
What will I do next, what does life hold, what will life sell me, what will I purchase,
I never had you, you never had me, farewell, this is my goodbye, this is my end,
I will leave you forever, we depart our hearts, alone and isolated,
This will never reach you, you are too lost to find, my words are empty, my words mean nothing,
I am just an empty shell, vacant, closed, an abandoned soul.
Never loved and never found.

Wow- very deep
(03-24-2013, 01:33 AM)WildernessWildChild Wrote: Wow- very deep

Im trying my best to recover from my broken heart, writing seems to help a little, thanks for the comment and for reading my thread.

Aww, I feel so sad now Sad

Hope you feel better soon.
[Image: cat.gif]
(03-24-2013, 01:57 AM)Sigma Wrote: Aww, I feel so sad now Sad

Hope you feel better soon.

Sorry... Sad..........
Beautifully written *hugs*
Hugs, hope you feel better soon!

+1 for beautiful writing
Thanks Ladyforsaken and Veruca
I see a pattern here
(03-25-2013, 03:43 AM)perfanoff Wrote: I see a pattern here

What pattern, perfanoff? *raises an eyebrow*

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