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Ask a question for the next person!
Right! Question time! Whhaarrggghh!!


Yeah, i'll begin asking, and the next one answers and then asks a question, so on and so forth.

Are you religious?

Are you spiritual?

Have you ever witnissed a robbing?

Are you going to write someone a PM today?
Depends if someone writes me or not.

Has your day ever been brightened by a stranger?

Have you even won something you really wanted by taking a chance, going in a raffle or buying a lottery card, etc. and what was it? (2 questions, please!)
[Image: Life%20is%20not%20a%20DH%20Pink_zps4gdabj4h.png]

Nope. Nope. Unfortunately.

Have you believed that unicorns exist?
Why are you asking that? Of course they do.

Do you have a nickname?
Yeah, on the internet.

Do you want to interrupt?
Aww.. yay! Unicorns!

No, I don't want to interrupt - but someone has interrupted me!!

Can you speak multiple languages?

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