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How do you visualize your perfect man or woman?
What are their attributes?
Proactive, non-social butterfly, balanced moods, able to withstand hardship, in touch with reality (courtesy of 9006), sensitive, sensible, loyal, straightforward, low maintenance

And her attributes.. any size rack fits as long as it's natural. Heheh Smile
happy, positive, interesting, feminine
Can I say my ex-wife without looking like the biggest idiot here? Perhaps not the best idea.

I guess she'd be kind, caring, empathetic, gentle, elegant, exciting and intelligent enough to hold a meaningful conversation.

I don't much care about looks or anything else, as long as she loves me and I love her.
Intellgent, mature, very open-minded, nature lover, sensible, wide variety of interests, likes adventure, female.
With a console controller in one hand, and a wrench and screw driver in the other.
Roasting Fire - No Rules, free-for-all Discord server not connected to ALL.
As long as she is a faithful, loyal, respectful, trustworthy, and giving person, I do not care about anything else such as physical attributes.
1 seven letter word would do the trick.
[Image: cat.gif]
(05-12-2013, 02:30 AM)Sigma Wrote: 1 seven letter word would do the trick.

Wish I knew what this is. Sounds like some cool code to something cool.
A mute built nympho who's daddy owns the biggest liquor store in town Toungue

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