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Are people nicer to you online than in the real world?
(Thought I'd bring back this thread to get the opinions of the newer members)

I think that people who know you in person are more prone to perceptions based on physical appearance or any physical or mental disabilities that you might have. But maybe that's just how I think.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
I would say that generally this certainly seems to be the case, wolfman.

Online is a bit difficult to assess, because it will vary from person to person depending on where exactly do you frequent on the webs. If you're a gamer and interact with any FPS's community, you'll quickly notice that everyone seems to fancy your mother, for example, whereas someone interested in photography or travelling will be far less likely to encounter such people.

Personally? I definitely meet "nicer" people outside of the webs and the reason for this might be that in a real life, you don't get to use the "block" button. You don't want to make too many enemies around you, because if they're people who you need to interact with on a regular basis - you'd be shooting yourself in the foot. What I'm saying is, those people might not be actually nicer but they'll certainly put more effort to apepar as such.
Crowd control situation! *machine gun fire intensifies*
No, not really. I mean, kind of. At first, yes, but eventually the fact that I'm beyond the event horizon of crazy eventually seeps through and causes the world of social tethers to unravel. I get profiled for theft a lot in stores because I'm a taller, lanky dude with long hair that wears some pretty ragged looking clothes because I was kind of born into poverty, despite the fact that I actually have pretty solid business management skills and experience. I otherwise note that my insanity is somewhat of a personal, spiritual experience regarding my creativity as a musician and hobby academic. I didn't go to college, really, which is also something that people think of me. Cross-referencing has sort of always been my niche, I started doing that and pursuing self-education predominately out of struggling with learning in traditional classroom settings. The learning disability that I was born with actually isn't even legally recognized by colleges in my state, and being born with a learning disability didn't exactly do wonders for my social skills as a kid, either. But yeah, I started doing cross-referencing as a hobby actually, probably when I between 13 and 16 in age. I'm 30 now. It started with two movies: Vanilla Sky, and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. I wrote a compare-contrast essay on them as a cross-reference out of studying out of sequence film scenes and ideas like time dilation (though, the term of time dilation didn't come to me until my middle 20s). I otherwise have a pretty hermetic life, which seems quaint and boring to probably anyone who isn't inside my head.
MY own experience no not really. I feel like people are as nice or not online or in real life depending on how I interact and what I'm putting out in vibe. It's a give and take. What I say and do determines how they react. This is normal social behavior. It'll happen whether online or irl.
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im closer to warts and all me online. not sure about others
I generally get treated almost as badly online as I am in the real world - at least if I'm honest, and tell people all about my severe difficulties in life.

IRL, I'm excluded and treated condescendingly due to multiple stigmas against me. People have not evolved very far - snap judgments against me that penalize, hurt, and hold me back severely in life.
not really
People are far kinder to me irl. Online, people love to be subtle jerks/smartasses because they can maintain anonymity. In the real world I think people just subconsciously know the effects of their social interactions are more permanent and personal. They're not just a name with a picture.

As an example, online, many people will love to mock our spiritual beliefs, but most of em wouldn't dare do it IRL nor would they agree to a fair 50/50 equal time real life debate. They'll just take the pot shots online and think that's somehow edgy.
This is very subjective because I feel we all allow different people into our lives and hearts or are more likely to latch on and recall the bad things. The positives are likely to be taken for granted subconsciously.

My experience is a very mixed one. I've had long term friendships both irl and online. And, whilst the worst of people I ever met were online, it was also the place where I met the most amazing people. In real life, I'm more misunderstood and judged. Online, more bullied. It's a give or take in different areas.

You can't let the general online or irl public personally determine which is actually better. Then we're just bringing the public and how it's perceived into private and more 1 on 1 matters. Something everyone handles differently. If that makes any sense. Some people treat those close to them entirely different from the public. Or, you have some people who crave attention from groups and change up when not in one.

I do agree about anonymity. People are more likely to be dicks when they can get away with it. Such a thing exists in irl too. Many people wear masks. Just look at 90% of facebook these days. People like to "Get their jollys off" as some twisted ego boost. I hate such people with a passion. However, the good still balances out the bad. You just might be too caught on the bads or you've been unlucky and battered down enough to believe otherwise. And this is coming from a man whose been cat-fished twice. So yeah, People are people. Online or offline. They can suck or be breathtakingly amazing.

But, if I had to choose; I think a long term online friendship and/or relationship that flourishes and turns into a irl one is probably the most ideal for me. Personalities and vulnerabilities (the raw human part if you will) come first, the impressions that are trivial come last when in that order. Personally, I've yet to get the irl part and I'm growing more impatient and longing for it, with age.


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