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I Found my Childhood Dog
I canvased my neighborhood with flyers so people would be looking for him. One of the neighbors across the lake (I live on a lake with my Family) found him floating in the lake.

Apparently he drowned. I think, when I let him out the front door, he went to the back yard and was exploring like he normally does. I imagine that he slipped, fell into the lake, and because of the arthritis in his back legs couldn't swim. Or, he became disoriented because of the darkeness and drowned because he didn't know which way shore was.

I'm sad he died. But, I find solace that he was found and that I know what happened to him. He was buried in my yard this morning by my brother/his friend. I got to put the last few shovel fulls on him.

My brother hasn't even talked to me since he did it. I think he feels bad.

I'm so sorry he's gone Sophia but glad you at least found him and don't have to wonder forever about what happened to him.
My condolences on your loss.

Dwell on the good times, not what happened at the end.

Sad really sorry to hear this, at least you know what happened Sad
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Soph... I'm sorry for your loss. Sad

I'm so sorry about your dog. Sad But at least he was found and you could give him a proper burial.
I feel sad hearing about it, since I can never handle death of pets.
I am so sorry to hear about your little dog. Animals become part of our soul, and are the ones who stick around when maybe no person does. I'm sorry about your little friend.
It is good that he was found and that you were able to give him a proper burial.
I'm so sorry Sofia. I was hoping you had good news. I'm glad you found him.

I'm sorry for your loss Soph, but i'm happy his soul is free from the fragile body that contained him.

I hope you are holding up well. As you know, you can always message me, i'm always willing to listen to you. Take care, Sophia.
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