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Discrimination against guys with long hair
This is probably why most guys don't grow their hair out.

There is a strong discrimination against guys with long hair. It's gay. They think they're girls. It's unprofessional. They are probably drug addicts. They're dangerous people. Etc.

I face this all the time from really conservative people. I went to Home Depot tonight, to pick up some tools to do some work, and I had a question to ask the guy working in that department. Not only did he not answer my question, and send me somewhere else (someone else was a lot more helpful) entirely, but the way he looked at me was like I had three heads or something.

I struggled to figure out why he felt this way, and then I figured it out. This was a guy in his 70's, who had short neat hair and looked like the typical guy working at Home Depot. To come across someone with long hair down to his shoulders probably made him uncomfortable. The braces didn't help, too, probably.

I fucking hate this. My adviser suggested that I get my hair cut, because I have to be a "professional." Apparently this means giving up all sense of individuality. You become part of the corporate machine, and lose complete sense of who you are, you are just a robot.

Maybe I should have picked a different major, but I like computers. Shame that to be an IT geek, you can't be a rock star.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
You shouldn't care so much what other people think of you in terms of your looks and style. There are so many people out there who do not dress up to what society deems as "right" or proper. Take it as your own trend and your own style and identity. If they wanna dress neat and nice with short hair, then that's their problem. If they give you the look? Oh well. They'll just have to live with it.
Well, this guy clearly had a problem with me. He ignored me, until I basically was shouting at him "Excuse me, sir?", and then he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.

All I needed was a type of wrench. He could have said "Aisle...whatever", but he didn't do that. He said to go check in a section that didn't exist...and then when I asked someone else, I looked like an idiot who was in the wrong store.

He may have just been an asshole, but I think he really did have a problem with me, for some reason.

And that doesn't matter, because I'll have to cut my hair anyway. It's unprofessional for guys to have long hair in the workplace. Makes me wonder what they say about women with really short's sexist.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
Sorry to hear you felt discriminated against while you were at the store. I guess the best thing to do is ignore the people that act like that because we are always going to run into people who won't like us for whatever reason even though they don't know us.
You should know what most of society is like these days, it's not just long hair. If you're different in any way they discriminate. If you're too tall, short, fat, thin, gay, smart, stupid, rich, poor, etc...
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I'm amazed that you were able to find two workers in a Home Depot to begin with. It's possible the guy didn't understand what you wanted (or not known where to find it) - I had this problem when I was looking for a valve at my Home Depot - the old guy in plumbing argued with me about the type of valve I needed (obviously he had never seen my piping, but I let it go). On the flip side, if it was about your hair, then fuck him.
I hope my arch nemesis is as lazy as I am.

"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson

Perfect is the enemy of good.
Turn up in a long wig for a laugh.
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(06-23-2013, 07:42 PM)9006 Wrote: You should know what most of society is like these days, it's not just long hair. If you're different in any way they discriminate. If you're too tall, short, fat, thin, gay, smart, stupid, rich, poor, etc...

Agree with this 100% and also dislike it.

The good news is that other people who embrace their own individuality (be it long haired men, short haired women, tattooed people, pierced people, people who dress in unconventional clothing etc) draw interest from like-minded people. Who like a boring old straighty who feels the need to be exactly like everyone else? Give me someone interesting and proud to be unique any day.

I like long haired men.
Well it also depends how you carry your long hair! As in how how it's set and everything.I mean even if you got short hair and it's messy,I may ask you to get a hair cut.I don't know,it's rather weird but I wouldn't quiet unless I have another job waiting!
Everyone has prejudices sadly.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but you are equally as guilty. We all are.

In the same way you have perceived that you were judged for your long hair, you have made an assumption of the character of that man based on his age, appearance and job role. You have jumped to a conclusion about his motives based solely on his appearance. He was 70ish, he could be short of hearing, generally confused or any other reason to seemingly ignore you. It appears he did not mention your hair, so you do not know that is the reason for any attitude towards you. He could've just been a miserable old git who is like that with everyone.

We all judge. It isn't right, but its a fact of life sadly. I'm a good person, an honest person and try and live a good Christian life. But I have piercings and tattoos and an "alternative" taste in clothes and it's a damn given that should I go into a high end store I will be followed by security as if I'm gonna steal something. As a woman working in IT I also often get attitude or patronised by male customers. One even recently told me "good girl" when I'd finished a job for him. I don't like it, but instead of calling them out on it, I just let them do it. I feel its my duty to show them how wrong they are by showing them who I actually am. To challenge their attitudes by showing my own to be better, rather than by making an argument or taking it personally.

Also, working in IT, long hair on a guy really isn't an issue when working in the field or in a particular role in a department. However, if you want to move up the corporate ladder though, then it is. Corporate environments have no place for individuality, you become a cog in a machine. Then, it isn't about the hair particularly, its about corporate culture in general being about fitting into a clique of suited and booted, perfectly groomed clean shaved and "approved" hairdo's. Going to the "right" restaurants, having the "right" hobbies and shopping at the "right" supermarkets. At the top its the sole stomping ground of Alpha males and power bitches. God knows why anyone wants to get into that game, but appearance is part of the charade for it.

So I wouldn't take it personally that you have been told to cut your hair for "professionalism". But realise that its not just your hair you'll sacrifice if you want a career in any industry where the workers are largely homogenised.

It's just the outcome of many years of humans screwing up society.

Sometimes I really hate the world.
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H.P. Lovecraft - The Call of Cthulhu

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