Mating selfishness
Just to be clear, I don't like the explicit and tasteless content in some of the blog entries, the anti-feminist stance is a little childish, and he selectively defines 'creep shaming' for the sake of the arguments.

Essentially, the passive and privileged position women have in relation to dating and the early relationship phase (yes, that again.) How approaching women is emotionally draining, traumatic and even dangerous for us, and how most of dating advice men get utterly fails to take any of this into account.

How (almost all) women and all feminists selfishly try to force you into a traditional male role

"In this article we will explore a very selfish and brutal strategy used by women and feminists, and that is using “creep shaming” as a way of emotionally shaming you into outdated gender roles.


For example women being lazy as they are will not approach you, but they will spend all night trying to think up ways to hover around you, accidentally brush up against you and always be in your eye-sight. If YOU did this, you would be “creepy” and “stalkerish” or a “cowardly” “wuss” depending on the shaming mode used.

Do you get what’s happening here? Do you understand how creep-shaming gets used as a way to shame men into a traditional male role. Study any major piece by any major feminist blogger on the subject of “nice guys tm” and actually STUDY the actual behaviours they’re protesting. You will notice that 100% of them are traditionally female behaviours (i.e. passive mating strategies). This is how feminists try to shame men into the traditional male role.

The more sickening part is the cognitive dissonance created by trying to shame you away from it at and toward it at the same time. While I hate traditionalists as much as feminists – those losers are at least consistent. A traditionalist will say “you should just make the move”. A feminist is saying that you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Asking for sex is creepy, not asking for it is rapey. Being too direct is creepy, not being direct enough is creepy. Being too passive is creepy, being too active is creepy.

Pretty much the only way to not be creep-shamed by feminists is to possess telepathic skills, or have tons of experience..."


Why do feminists hate nice guys, and never mention “nice girls TM”?

"According to the paper “Courtship Behaviors, Relationship Violence, and Breakup Persistence in College Men and Women” by Stacey L. Williams and Irene Hanson Frieze…

“Males perform more approach, or regular courtship behaviors, whereas females are more likely to perform acts of surveillance, that is, attempts to make indirect contact with the love interest by way of (seeming) serendipity.”


Feminists say that performing passive mating strategies is a character flaw. If you as a man are continually trying to find ways to be around a woman, hinting at interest, pretending to care about her interests etc etc… well then you are “flawed” and “deceitful” for not stating your intentions clearly and making a move."


She’s Just Not That Into You

"The quintessential dating advice for women is “He’s Just Not That Into You.” If you are not chasing and investing in her as heavily as she likes, then she is to treat you as unworthy of attention and sex. Women don’t really need this advice since this is their natural behavior. And though it may have once served human societies, it is clearly unnecessary and harmful today. Therefore it shouldn’t be culturally reinforced.

Your role is to pursue: call her, take her on nice dates, give her complements, buy her gifts, open doors for her, treat her like a queen, while no effort is required on her part other than to sit back, enjoy, judge your efforts, and determine your worthiness. If she’s feeling uncertain she may cancel a date at the last moment or just be hard to reach, while simultaneously giving you bits of hope here and there. Thus she sends you mixed messages, keeping you off-balance emotionally, and manipulating you to invest in her further. This is justified on the grounds of her needing to test just how badly you want her. If in a moment of sanity you say fuck this shit and quit chasing her, she’s told: “He’s Just Not That Into You.”"


"It seems very little dating advice aimed at men acknowledges the faults women have, and that is a big mistake. It’s all geared towards self-improvement, which men must undergo, which is fine, but the sin is one of omission. Why should men have to shoulder all the responsibility for making things happen?"

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