"5 Psychology Studies Every Awkward Teenager Should Read"
5 Psychology Studies Every Awkward Teenager Should Read

In case you're wondering, Cracked is a humor site that actually sometimes has humorous articles that are also education and informative.

Here's the subjects.
#5. No Sex Now = Greater Life Satisfaction Later
[Image: 162393.jpg?v=1]
I waited until I was 30. Now, my executive position allows me to f**k entire communities"

And that's according to a University of Texas at Austin Study.

#4. Shyness Has No Influence of Whether or Not You're Single (But Does Make Your Brain Work Better)

That's according to a study from the Department of Social and Psychological Sciences at Edge Hill University of England.

The cool part of shyness? Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

"Well, it's a personality trait characterized by sensitivity to stimuli of any kind, including social and emotional cues. If you're shy, there's a good chance you have it, and SPS is fucking awesome. Individuals with SPS report having richer, more complex inner lives than others, and are better equipped to notice subtleties in their environment."

#3. Talking Is Overrated: Girls Talking Can Lead to Depression

"Girls, on the other hand, took part in co-rumination at roughly the same frequency as they did in breathing. More importantly, however, is the effect that co-rumination had on the girls who participated in it: They were far more likely to develop issues with depression and anxiety than the girls who were less social."

#2. Yes, Your Friends Have More Friends Than You Do (But That Is

"It turns out that pretty much everyone can do this exercise, no matter how popular they are, and they will always find that the average of their friends' friends turns out higher than their number of friends. How is this possible, you ask? Blame the unholy witchcraft that is statistics.

What your average teenager unconsciously tallying up his or her friend list doesn't realize is that this simple experiment is flawed from the get-go, for the simple reason that those friends you're measuring are inclined to be popular, because they're friends with you. Think about it. The more popular someone is, the more likely it is that they're your friend. If they're not popular, they probably aren't friends with you, and therefore weren't included in your count. As a result, your friends' weighted number ends up averaging more friends than you."

#1. People Care Far Less About Your Screw-Ups Than You Think They Do

Behold the Spotlight Effect.

[Image: 162389.jpg?v=1]
"You can trust us. We Have lab coats."

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