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I've accomplished something good!
As some of you might now (altho I don't post here very frequently), I used do do a lot of drugs, I wasn't addicted or anything, but until about 6 months ago I used various stuff almost every week. I still use something occasionally, but I had the biggest issues with ecstacy and speed. I really like both, but especially ecstacy had an extremely negative effect on my overall mood. When I look back on it, I wish I'd never used it in the first place.

I haven't used ecstacy in almost 3 months now; longer than ever before since I started about 2 years ago. I did use speed once and 2cb (psychedelic that has no influence on your mood) in these 3 months. Well, last night I went out with 2 friends and some other people I didn't know. We ended up at an awesome illegal techno party in a huge empty storehouse, the music and the vibe was great. The people I didn't know beforehand had ecstacy and MDMA (basically the same) with them, and me and those 2 friends got very tempted to take it (although all of us 3 try not to use it anymore). I actually had a pill in my hand, and these 2 friends used it, the other guys who had it with them too.

I refused eventually. I'm so happy I was able to do it, because I wasn't able to refuse it before when it was so easy to get. I really feel like I'm in control again. Just wanted to post it because I'm very proud of myself. My 2 friends kind of disappoint me (and themselves), I tried to stop them from taking it but eventually it's their choice... I feel relieved that I didn't give in to my own craving and the social pressure.
This is awesome! way to go - and keep this up Smile
Good work! I wish you continued success!!!!

Very nice. I don't think i would be able to do that in your situation, with your background (the one you mentioned here). Good inspiration.
Sounds like you are quitting fun.
[Image: 106799.jpg]
Hey thats great, you really have something you can build on, if there is a next time you are tempted remind yourself of this time and how good it made you feel to turn it down. Great job

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