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Explaining gay people to kids
Yesterday I was watching a TV program and this woman was whinning because she didn't know how to explain to her 6 year old kid that some people are gay. She said she was cool with others being gay, but it seems to me that if you have problems when explaining to your son that some men like men, you're not as open minded as you think you are and deep down you're still caught in old fashioned ideas. To clarify, it's not in my interest to accuse this woman or anyone, I think it's something we're all learning these days as the paradigms shift and I see no point in throwing accusations.

There are parents who think their kids will keep asking them weird questions... Or that they're gonna be disturbed by this information that they're gonna discover later anyway. But I think kids just accept it naturally these days. And it's better this way, if this topic is "tabu" in their home they might think it's something bad later in life. It contributes to perpetuate the notion that there is something wrong with being gay. There should be no reason for it to be hidden, unless you see something bad in it.

So I guess my point is there should be no awkwardness in explaining this...
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The kid is six years old, of course a topic like that would be hard to explain without it opening up a whole other set of questions. Ever try to explain something of a more adult level to a child in a way they will understand without getting into too deep of discussion? It isn't easy to do. Sure you tell the kid that some women love other women and some men love other men like mommy and daddy love each other. The kid thinks about that then asks if they are gay because they love the same sex parent, or asks if they do things that they see their parents do, like kiss or sleep in the same bed, or whatever. And if the child has younger siblings and knows the mother carries the baby and starts asking questions about that. Some parents fear the questions the child might ask and how to answer those. It's not always as easy as you might think. Kids grow up to fast these days, you want to keep them innocent as long as you can.
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I think I'd rather explain kids to gay people, lol
Most discussions go like this.

Parent: "Little Timmy, some men like some men, and some women like some women, like mommy and daddy like each other."
Little Timmy: "Ok. Can I have a chocolate sundae?"

Seriously, it's not that hard. Kids haven't learned bigotry, or that being gay is different, unless their parents are a bigot. In which case, sure, the parent would have difficulty explaining it to their child, but it's on THEM, because THEY are the sick ones.
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Damn kids do grow up fast. After asking about two men he suddenly thinks of a chocolate sunday.

Cause like... Bum sex
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It's really not that complicated. 7 year olds aren't thinking about sex. They usually don't even know what it is...and if they DO, then there is something wronger than gays getting together!
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
That's exactly what I thought, Muse. Is grown ups that make it complicated.
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Interesting topic. Not sure how I would go about it.

My brother and his husband are looking in to adoption at the moment. Might bring it up and see what they say.
Kidding me? Hard to explain lots of things to a 6 year old lol Smile I remember when I was 6, and answered the door when visiting my real mom. Some guy was standing there saying he was my younger brother's dad. "But he is not MY dad!" was my thought! And they tried so hard to explain to me that we had the same mom but different dads. Which did not make sense to me then! lol.

Hmm.... So how to explain to a kid about gays, and other topics? It's... Basically choosing the words that the kid can understand. Not all kids will understand a complicated answer! Some might though... I'd explain it to a young kid: It is a life choice the adult has made. Every person is different and unique. Some people like other boys/girls, some don't. It's just how they are made.

It's like explaining why someone has really dark skin, and why some people are really short or really tall. Not complicated - unless you make it to be so.
Well it's not just choosing the right words, but also the examples that they can see and understand at that age, that mirror what you are trying to explain. Kinda like metaphorically.

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