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Hobbies to meet people?
Find things that truly interest you. If you like sports, get involved in coaching or something like that. There are also numerous civics clubs you could try out.
well you can join a book o movie club; it will change a little bit your routine; but i suggest try something different. I had the same problem at the beginning of the year i was tired of doing the same, so i decide to challenge myself, and i joined a roller derby team, i have low Self-esteem , so, i tough: if i can make this, i can do anything. it was pretty scary because i didn't learn to skate in my childhood, i had use a pair of skates just once in my life; it was the scariest thing in my life, putting a pair of skate and not being able to make a step while 20 experimented skaters look at you; in that moment, my toughs were killing me "i regret this decision", "you are not able to do this, don't be dumb" "you will never learn", "they will laugh of you". It was the best decision of my life, i did it, i have learned so much, it was really hard because i have never been an athletic person, i have never trained so hard in my life; and that's because im proud of my self, i beat up my negative brain, i skate with the team, i have meet awesome people from all around my country, i have traveled to different cities for games. Roller derby is for everybody (seriously you meet all kind of people, all kind of ages, our only thing in common is derby, and its a TEAM sport, they will teach and help you), you just need to work your ass off <3 think about it <3
If you like reading, I'd also suggest trying a book club. You automatically have a topic for conversation! Good luck. =)
"When things are difficult, then let yourself be happy." - Tibetan Saying
Why to be searching for new hobbies? Tell us what hobbies you have now.
30, married, affected by loneliness, lack of communication, midlife crisis, but happy Smile

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