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Is it better to be bad than good?
(01-06-2014, 09:14 AM)MrE1986 Wrote: I expected criticism for my post when I posted it, all I stated was a summary of my experiences, I've watched people on both genders goback into pphysically and mentally abusive relationships, I've seen people who only look for relationships that have "drama" cause just being happy is boring. It's not a nice thing to say I'm fully aware of that, but would people want me to sugarcoat my experiences or be honest?

People are allowed to change their views based on new information and if I see things that alter this view, I will be happy to change it.

Ok, so my mother is married to a good man and she loves him, my father was a bad man so she left him. My sister has no boyfriend currently, her las boyfriend was not a bad man, but he was not good enough so she is now alone. My aunt is married to a good man and they have been like that for over 16 years. All the time at my university I see good guys happy with their girlfriends. So there you go.
(01-05-2014, 03:09 AM)a lonely person Wrote: I almost cried at that part of the movie.

Me too Sad I did cry while watching the croods when Grug threw his family to safety and went to die alone in that cave Sad
People can end up in terrible relationships, and still end up in good future relationships. Some people learn from the past...others don't, because they are foolish.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
I find myself asking the same question. Sometimes I think the answer is yes. It would be better to have stolen, cheated, or even murdered my estranged step grandfather Paul, rather then find myself in a situation where despite having good intentions and seeking that which is good, I have nothing to do, remain lost in life, and somehow become the one finding forbidden knowledge and make some videos about it, and I was born on may 26, the receiving of amen ra, and was finding all this stuff relating amen with jesus and so I found myself coming off like the antichrist, finding what may be forbidden things, speaking dark sentences, and I mean, if I was good at cheating people, had lots of money, or sold the house earlier, got a taste of reality in the working world, I would be in a better position then being like a child who never grew up. Another example: A person who kills millions of people has a better chance at being forgiven, then someone who spoke a blasphemy against the holy spirit, but that's the bible for ya.

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