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How do I deal with this lazy teacher?
I did during Flex, (free block during school). Gave me a whole long rant on why our assignments were not graded.

This is gonna be long.

Google docs. It's what we use to submit assignments in that class. In the beginning of the year, we all made accounts and logged in and made folders. We were supposed to submit assignments to her via google docs. The project I have a 40% on, I had submitted via google docs and I am certain of it. Those 3 busywork assignments she gave to us while she was absent, she never told any of us so submit using google docs. Obviously not since she wasn't here lol. On the 4th day she was absent however, that was when we noticed she gave us flat out zeros for the assignments. Finally, the substitute wrote down on the board how she wanted us to submit them. We all did submit them via google docs and continued on.

When she gave me the long rant about why I was missing assignments, she told us that we submitted them in the wrong folders. There was supposed to be ONE folder A, and within that folder there were to be Folders B and C, each containing different assignments. Lot of us in the class were confused, (I assure you, she barely even explained this to us clearly before) so we had Folder A, and then folder B within A. Then we had another folder that contained assignments. Regardless of the wrong folders, ALL OF US STILL SHARED THE ASSIGNMENTS WITH HER AND THERE WAS NO REASON REGARDLESS OF WRONG FOLDERS SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED THEM. No idea why the heck the order of the folders affect whether or not she receives the documents.

Regarding the "rolling in chairs" and "talking in class" crap and me asking her why I got points taken off, she just told me in an angry tone that she sees me talking during class. This affects my ability to work and produce quality work so she says she takes off points if she sees us talking. I asked her "So you're saying that because you see me talk, it automatically means that my work is crap" but she just cut me off and told me to be quiet.

With the google docs assignments, she said those were going to be late grades and we would receive a 75% MAX even though we've submitted these a while back. Not to mention the fact that she wasn't here for FOUR CLASS PERIODS to explain as well as the fact WHEN SHE IS HERE she seems really unconcerned when explaining stuff anyways. Ask anyone in my class. I have a math teacher before her block who is OUTSTANDING at teaching. You can tell he truly wants us to succeed and it shows in his tone, posture, and attitude. Put that side by side with my electives teacher and it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Honestly, If i could talk to you guys in person I'd be able to fully vent what's going on in that class.

Btw before this I just made a new thread about what happened today.

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