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When your admire someone who doesn't share the same feeling.
(12-20-2013, 08:24 AM)Captain Capitalist Wrote: A thread for the time all of us have been in a position where we stood stupid and enamored at the glory of that guy or girl who didn't even see us on their radar.

I'll start with mine. I have a girl in a class of mine who I'm mad for. I've known her, not too well mind you, for some time. Despite all the baggage she carries with her, she's still the only girl I've ever had half a heart pang for. Beautiful in every way, well spoken, the whole package. That being said, I've never confronted her with this as she's always had boyfriend, one out of school with some strange profession (one was a mortician). I feel as though thats just part of her personal problems as well.

Post your stories.

I feel like girls liked me better when I was drinking. I had way more luck with the women back then. Of course, I know I was dating women who were incredibly bad for me. My judgement as to who is a good woman is still pretty poor. I'll give an example from when I was drinking: I dated a girl who routinely cheated on me, was so manipulative she actually got me to rip off some shit at Wal Mart, used me in every way and ended up admitting she prostitutes herself. I wasn't exactly a victim as I was horrible for her as well. Recently, I fell for one of my friends who turned out to already be in a relationship, which she kept secret for over a year. I felt really shitty even though I never really went out with her. I can relate to the Doors song with the line "Women seem wicked when you're unwanted."
women don't seem to like me, never have. Online is a waste of time because eventually they have to meet me and then they don't like me.
Fortunely not to my knowledge. All of the girls I've had a thing for all have been into me also. Too bad my fear of social interaction, social experiences etc. have been a huge barrier into me either trying and when I did. I was just too afraid to take it further once I hit home run.
when I was younger I would bullshit myself thinking a woman was interested. A smile, look or 'hello' obviously meant so much.
All of it was balls.

I have had other women say things as well. Tell me another woman was interested. Of course it was never true and I made myself look like an idiot.

There have been a couple of women interested over the years. It is obvious (even to me) when you know what to look for !
Hints from women are far too hard to pick up on for me and I could never know if a woman admired me in that way unless they were very blunt.

It seems like a total impossibility for that to actually happen anyway.
This happened to me a bit too. I can be pathetically sensitive at times, but through hurt I've learned to be more detached.

I don't wish to recall the times I was rejected by people I admired, but I will say the experiences have taught me to stop romanticizing and idealizing people. It'll just break your heart when they f*ck someone else.
Unfortunately it's a feeling that I know all too well.

I don't fall for a lot of women, but when it happens I usually invest a lot of emotional energy and therefore it can be a real heartbreaker when the feelings aren't mutual time after time.
Yeah, similar situation here.

I've known this woman for over 2 years, in that time we have had some good times together and I have been an ear for all her boyfriend problems and all her insecurities. But recently my feelings have become much stronger towards her in quite a debilitating way, the quickening of my heart I can deal with but interacting with her has become problematic, not being able to prolong a conversation and constantly becoming tongue tied does not help.

The real kicker is even though I have these feeling for her I also know from my time with her that I am not the type of guy she would date and I can't see any good coming from telling her how I feel. She is currently in a good place in a new relationship and I wish her all the best.
None of the females that I have ever been into, have been into me. So it's still an ongoing search.

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