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Anyone else a night owl?
Always loved that show, nothing like binge watching a whole boxset Smile.
(03-03-2014, 03:39 AM)NightHawkJohn Wrote: Always loved that show, nothing like binge watching a whole boxset Smile.

Always rare to meet another person who liked that show. A pleasure, sir...
I held death's hand this evening.
I usually stay up late because I like the calmness of the nights... When everything settles down & sound/looks so calm... I can think more clearly & able to concentrate better at night...
Sometimes when you're crying, nobody notices your tears... Sometimes when you're worried, nobody feels your pain... Sometimes when you're happy, nobody sees your smile... But fart just one time and..................
I'm a night-owl by nature, but my work schedule has forced me to become a daytime normal. I'll be back again with my moonlight brethren . . . someday.
If I never reply to you, even if you insult me or ask me a question, it's because you weren't deemed worthy enough to be acknowledged. Don't take it personally; it's simply because I'm better than you, and you don't stack up even with, what is in my opinion, a decent individual.
I'm on the late shifts as well (till 7am) and I have that same problem where there isn't much to do during the weakends.  I'm definitely up for a conversation or chat with anyone who has these same problems.

Is anyone close to Liverpool on this forum.

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