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My Story
Well I wanted to tell my relationship story to you guys as I've been feeling so lonely right and this seems like the place for me.
I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes.

Well it all started a few years ago I was on a facebook group I happened to make a comment on rock music group and a girl who i didnt know happened to like the comment so I replied and we became friends. Soon after that we was messaging each other everyday almost all the time I didn't think much of it at first until she gave me her number thats when we started texting a lot! We then talked on the phone for hours and I mean hours one time it was 10pm till 5am my phone bill was around £200 for that month alone.

Soon after I found myself falling in love deeply for this girl and reallly wanted to meet her in real life but she lived near glasgow, greenock to be exact. I decided you only live once and to risk it so i got a plane up and met her in real life, It was one of the best days of my life and ill never forget she was crying so much when I had to go i only had around 6 hours with her.

I was really in love with her. So I invited her down to stay with me in nottingham and she came down and stayed for 1 week again we had an amazing time and it was hard saying goodbye. i carried on seeing her going up and staying every 3-4 weeks until it was new year.
Where i wanted to take her somewhere special so i invited her to centre parks and she came we had an amazing new year together And i got engaged to her watching fireworks at new year.

After that we continued to see each other i would go up twice she would come down once (Was easier for me to go up). The problems started then when she felt distance sometimes, she would block my phone calls, seemed like she didnt love me as much, and there wasnt much affection. (bear in mind this girl sent me constant love you texts which I didnt mind). she just felt distant I found I out she cheated on me, She told me she only kissed the guy but I can never now for certain.

Anyway we broke up for around a month before getting back together where she came and stayed for 2 weeks after my nana had passed away which was really hard. i still get upset to this day. She was ment to be there for me when she came to stay but I found her to be very hard work, she was extremely high maintenance that week and to be honest I still loved her but was glad when she left.

After that we carried on where i went up to stay with her one last time which I should of not done I should of known there was no chance when she left but I thought i was worth a try.

So i met up with her where she was a complete she wouldnt hug me and just said what are you doing here, this was after id travelled 12 hours on a bus. It broke my heart and I nearly went back the same day (which i should of done). anyway her mum phoned me and convinced me to stay she apologized, but i now i know it was because her mum made her.

It was a really bad few days there was little to no affection we hardly spoke and the only time we was really together was when we slept together which really ment nothing. So I went home i found it really hard and was crying in secret because I still loved the girl and new this may be the last time i see her.

I went home and we broke up completely, we tried staying friends but i found it literally impossible she broke my heart so many times and I love her so dam much i hurt.

We have cut all contact now which sucks But i know its for the best, what normally happens is we will we talk fine for a month then she will become a bitch to me again.

I like to think Im over her and I think i am. But more recently im thinking about her thinking about the good memories he had, eve n though i know there are plenty of bad ones ( Lots of pointless arguements).

Anyway this is my story please let me know what you think id love to chat to anyone on skype so please pm me. Im always up dead late as I dont sleep at all well.

Charlie Smile

I'm sorry you had to go through all that, but I think total no contact is for best indeed, so that you can move on. You deserve better than that. Good luck.
(01-19-2014, 04:37 PM)ladyforsaken Wrote: I'm sorry you had to go through all that, but I think total no contact is for best indeed, so that you can move on. You deserve better than that. Good luck.

Indeed you are right, it does hurt so much though loosing someone who means so much to you. But the pain goes away with time


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