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Have you always been alone?
Just curious... have you always been alone?

I've always been kind of a loner, ever since I was little. I never had more than two friends, and I never discussed my emotional issues with them. I also never talked to my brothers, sister, or my parents about anything personal.

Until my brother moved out I would never play my own music when anyone else was around because I was afraid of what they would think.

I've since grown ALOT more confident in my choices, but I am still alone, unless you count internet friends. I just don't feel comfortable talking about my feelings person-to-person.
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I have always been a loner but there have been a couple brief periods when i wasn't alone.
More or less. I've tried being social at various times in my life, but it just wasn't my thing. I think I'd like to have 1 or 2 people to talk to, but times when I've had that have been few and far between.
Actually, I was never alone as a child. I didn't have brothers or sisters, but I always had adults or neighborhood friends around. It wasn't until I turned 14 that I started to lose touch with everything and every1 in my life. I was never completely alone as far as people around me go, but I was definitely alone as far as support and love went. I guess it has just carried over into the years now.
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Ire Wrote:... I would never play my own music when anyone else was around because I was afraid of what they would think.

I totally identify with you there.

When I was younger, I used to be really social. I remember hanging out with the kids that are popular today in 6th and 7th grade (11 and 12, respectively). When I entered high school, I became more withdrawn because I was afraid of being picked on and rejected and turned into a punching bag. The shyness and fear kind of stuck around, and i'm in 12th grade now with two friends.
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Well, I always felt that I'm lonely though I did have (very) few friends in school, college, workplace etc. I wouldn't consider myself as a social person. Yeah I do worry about what people will think about my behavior, my choice of cloths, or the way I talk or do things. I can talk to couple of people at a time, but I''m quiet in larger groups. I avoid going to parties because of this reason. I don't share my true feelings with my parents or my brothers or sisters. I did have someone in my life for few years and now since I'm divorced so I'm lonely again.
When i think about it , though i dont have any brothers or sisters, ive not really been alone for a large part of my life, its just the last 2 years have been hard for me. My "friends" got stolen away from me, and really that was more of a good thing than a bad one. However i ended up lonely for some time. But im not gonna accept my life as it is right now, Time for a change! You should try for it otherwise youll just end up regretting and being sad ur whole lfie
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I've always felt like the outcast, even with my own family. In high school I did have a few friends, so that kind of helped with the loneliness, but then graduation came and everybody sort of went their own ways. I still kept in touch with a couple of people, but then I had my son and just like that I was on my own. I dunno why. I guess people think that once someone has a child, they are no longer capable of having fun. [Image: speechless-smiley-034.gif]
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Always, ever since I was born. I was even a quiet baby, I'm told. I try to come out more. There is some improvement but very, very slow progress on that. I like being alone at times. Other times I wish I had a good friend to talk to.
As a child, I was way more reserved and less carefree than my peers. I always tried to trust people and have a good time, but somehow I never fit in anywhere. I guess "left out" describes my life entirely. I could be with a group of friends and yet be almost invisible, unless of course they needed something from me. I put faith in people and gave them the benefit of the doubt, but time and time again it seems like my luck was just rotten. I'm always the one sitting on the end of the row at the movies. I'm always the one who is the designated driver who waits outside clubs I can't get into while "friends" party away. I only get invited to gatherings when they're almost over. I'm the one who people automatically don't seem to like even before meeting me. I guess I'm kind of used to not getting much out of life, so I really appreciate any time I do get with people. I bend over backwards just to spend a few minutes with people who don't deserve a second chance, because I've always been so lonely. People only valued me for my achievements and what I could offer them. When that went away, so did they.

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