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I am alive!! :P
I am alive!!! Barely alive...
Last night was INSANE! Very happy I didn't missed the party.
It was lots of fun and lots, lots of House music! The atmosphere was great, every girl dancing, DJs plating good music, cold beer, awesomeness!
I'm in love. Claudia Lovisa plays music so well I fell in love with her (her music, just emphasizing). My first show with an international DJ, it was like a reminder of what happens in big places like Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland. I'm full of confidence, so full I got to take a picture with her. Why is it awesome? Everyone was so shy to do just what I did. And I'd do the same even with bigger names like Armin van Buuren or so, if I had the slightest chance. Not to forget Lady M, who plays delightful music also.
My night was just like that. Now I'm with the greatest headache of all times but money well spent! I shall post the pic with her so you guys can see her...and me Toungue
We love House Music! My neighbors listen to good music whether they like it or not!
thelonegamer signing out...
Haha.. glad you had an awesome time. And glad you're still alive lol. And looking forward to that picture of the both of you. Big Grin

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