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How important are looks, to you ?
I don't know if my views have changed or not, but I have thought about this more.

Would I want to date a hot girl? Yeah, I mean, at least part of me does. But at the same time, personality is a factor. And one thing I've noticed is that almost everyone I've thought of as a "hot girl" that I've met anywhere in my life or even just seen, tends to have at least somewhat of a cold, critical, contemptuous, dismissive personality, even going all the way back to the school days. It's that "popular", "mean girl-ism". They tend to be mocking and disdainful and criticizing other people and things all the time, and if you can't prove that you are also one of the "better" people, they treat you coldly and dismiss you like you are trash. And that's something that I don't like. I've never felt the need to do it, have no drive or instinct to do it, I'm not into it at all. Like no part of me ever feels the need to find someone and be all like "hey everyone look at this idiot..." Even if it makes me "incompatible" personality-wise with hot girls, I can't help it, it's just not "me", it's not the way I feel life has to be and I really don't think I could spend my days with someone like that, regardless of how hot they are. We just don't share the same worldview.

I think it's the fact that looks are pretty much an automatic ticket to being high-status. It's easy to think that you're better than others when that's how you've been treated all your life. Meanwhile I started out low-status, and still am though I'm trying to figure out a way to escape. But I don't get high-status people, I don't get their mindset, and I don't like how a lot of them just act like they are inherently better than everyone else, when in fact a lot of it is just down to luck. I don't relate, which makes me incompatible with a lot of hot girls, because we haven't had common experiences which give us common feelings and attitudes.

I don't know if I'm ready to give up on looks just yet. And I know that this isn't some kind of happy, smiley world, I've had bad stuff happen and I know it happens for others too. But I don't feel like it does any good to mock, ridicule, criticize, and fault-find all the time. And I know that I can't date someone with the contemptuous personality, no matter what they look like. They wouldn't be into me anyway, but still. I like looks, but I can't date someone without warmth.


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