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Back after almost 2 years of absence
Well, hello everybody. Wow! it has been a very long while since I've been on the forums. And I think it is time I give an update of how things have gone in the last 2 years.

I've gone from one relationship to another in the past and everything went wrong for me for years. But finally, just over a year ago I met someone, from the get go we were a great match, we had so much in common and we couldn't get enough of one another's company. We spend almost every day together since then.

We talked about everything, is honest with one another, and make time to be together even with our hectic work schedules. So just after a year we started talking about family, marriage etc.

And just last month we got engaged. We decided to postpone the wedding for a while until she has completed her degree.

Congrats on your engagement!

Sounds liek things are going really well for you! Smile
Welcome back here, BlueArtist. So glad to hear that things have been going great for you over the past couple of years. Congrats on your engagement! And all the best for your marriage. Hope things will continue to get better for you from here onwards. Take care.

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