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Self Esteem has gone M.I.A.
im lost, confused and have no idea where my self esteem has gone... oh wait i know, once i hit 40 it went MIA... i knew once i hit 40 my dating days were all over and done... because no woman wants a guy who lives with his mother, has a beat up truck and a income of disability... dont forget a alcoholic and a drug addict to boot... tell me what self respecting lady would want that sort of piece of shit in their life? NONE, and rightly so.... cause guys like me at my age are worthless... so yea, im going to die alone and probably by a self inflicted injury... i cant take this shit anymore... going to therapy wont help my cause... it will just make me worse... YES i know this to be true, because i have already been through it for 20 years.... i hate the fact that im not good enough for anyone... because society has brainwashed everyone and told us what is proper to date and what isnt... every time im asked about my personal life is sets me right off... because im sick of these ignorant aholes throwing their wonderful relationships in my face... like they even give a shit about me... anyways, i know my destiny, to be dead in a ditch somewhere alone... now can anyone relate to that? 100 bucks says, nope...
You can send me the 100 via Western Union when you get a chance, thx...
(07-13-2014, 09:26 AM)jjessea Wrote: You can send me the 100 via Western Union when you get a chance, thx...

and you call that support huh? what is the deal with this place? do you give a damn or not? typical internet bull...
I give a damn, but moreover I'm always up for a bet. Especially one I know I'll win.

Sorry to be a bit of a troll man. I aint got nuthin to live for either, and no hope for my future. I also kinda don't know what to say to you. What you describe sounds pretty bleak, and I feel for ya.

I did meet a man the other day who was just like you 20 years ago. No hope, getting old, and an alcoholic. His mom died when he was 45 leaving him completely isolated and without support. After a suicide attempt he decided to join AA. Once he cleared that out of his life he turned it around. He's still lonely, and still kinda sad, but he seems at peace with it. He hikes the same place I do, that's how I met him. It's mostly families and tourists out there so he peaked my interest, and I introduced myself. He made me sad but kinda hopeful at the same time. You see he seems really balanced, like he's leveled out, and it's admirable.

He'll prolly die alone too, but for now he has peace, the sun in his morning walks, and his dog. It's a good dog.
how can being alone feel great? IMO that is the lowest point of anyone's life... so because of the shallow people around the world, us older guys are pretty much screwed... this is why i hate society and never deal with people anymore... because they judge you and its sickening... id rather eat a bullet... but who cares...
If you're at that point man I don't know what to tell you. It just doesn't seem bad enough to me to take action like that, but I'm not you. I wish I could help but I can't. Just know that you're not the only one.
The sad truth is, the only person that can help you is yourself. Radical change...the kind that reinvents who you are at the very core is something that comes from within. I cannot give it to you. No one can.

The question bad do you want it? Do you want to change? Do you still believe that it is possible for you to get what you want in life?

It's kind of a cruel thing. You're in a prison cell. You feel as though your life is finished. You think you are a dead man. That you'll never be free. You'll never be good enough again. You will never be alive again.

The cruelest thing about your prison cell, is that the door is not locked. The door is open. It has been open all your life.

Want me to prove it to you? Could you imagine for 1 second, for one moment what it would feel like if you no longer cared about what other people thought about you? Could you imagine what life would feel like if you didn't care about the judgements of others? If the judgements of others did not exist for you?

Is it possible to live like this? Is it possible to experience a life free from the judgement of others, regardless of your flaws and assets?

If it is possible - how?

I offer the door to you here. The cruelest thing about your life is that your perceived obstacles are merely illusions.

The cell door is open. You just have to have the courage to walk out.

A decent post and reasonable advice ruined by marketing.
(07-13-2014, 12:03 PM)jjessea Wrote: ^Sigh...

A decent post and reasonable advice ruined by marketing.

Did you actually read what I linked? Nowhere in the link that I offered does it ask you to pay for anything. It is entirely free.

Without a solution offered, my post is about as useful as some nice words sprinkled on a birthday card. It looks pretty, but it doesn't offer anything concrete.

It is the only thing that I know. There may be other ways, but this is the way I went. It changed my life, quite drastically. I can only share my experiences with others.
I read it. You have a store. It sounds like you mean well and I liked what you posted, but I always meet advice that is coupled with possible monetary gain with skepticism. I apologize if your intentions are otherwise. I also understand that making money is an unfortunate necessity.

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