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Hello from the UK!
Hi Everyone Smile

Thanks for taking the time to click on my thread. I'm Male, 24 and from southern Scotland. The reason I'am lonely is probably due to a combination of factors, such as having social anxiety disorder and Aspergers (mild side of the spectrum). I haven't been able to sustain college due to Anxiety and have been in and out of volunteering positions and a couple of jobs the past few year.

I haven't been in a position to meet others and it really is depressing me. I'm not a horrible person or boring and like to keep fit by cycling, running and swimming. I also enjoy cooking, reading and driving. I wish I had a couple of friends to do these things with, but I'm too anxious to join clubs. I fear getting to know people in case they ask "what do you do" its a dreaded question. I hope to progress and change though soon.

I live with my parents who are my only company really and have reached the depths of despair with the way my life is currently. Maybe the summer makes it more hard seeing everyone out and about with their friends enjoying the summer weather and having BBQ'S together and having a general good time.

Welcome to the forum Andrew Smile
Hi and welcome!

Hello from Northern England! I hope you have an enjoyable stay here. I can understand a lot of your problems - I've suffered from similar issues throughout my life. I can't promise you that things get better, but I can say that your ability to deal with them gets better as you get older.
Welcome Smile
Thanks for the welcomes people Smile
Hello from Southwest England! :-) I know something about how you're feeling - I'm a lot older & also mild-spectrum Aspie (amongst other things!). I also can't promise things inevitably get better: I gave up wormk about 10 years ago as the stress of dealing with other people was too much. I have mainly done only voluntary work off & on since & dread the same question `what do you do?` (why can't people be more imaginative when meeting people for first time!). I wish you well - welcome aboard! :-)
welcome Andrew Smile
“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

“I'm fine. Well, I'm not fine - I'm here."
"Is there something wrong with that?"

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Hey there, welcome to the forum!
Where in Scotland are you?

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