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(09-17-2014, 03:37 AM)Walley Wrote: ya, I still love my Samsung.
I got a Note II for the active Stylus it has. I use it for my job and get customers to sign off pdf documents on it with a free adobe app.
I also use it to read wifi network signals accurately with another free app (iphones tend to "exaggerate" strength)
every time I cross paths with an iphone user, they see what I do with mine and start cursing their own phones lol.

Same here, Walley. Got a Samsung Note 1 about three years ago and have been extremely impressed with the functions and other apps I've added since rooting it. Have not had one problem with the phone. It takes a little getting used to, because of it's size, but after a couple of weeks you don't even notice it. When using it for gps purposes the size comes in handy.

I too, use it at work for different applications and the picture quality is damn good for up close pics...I have to take the occasional pic of damaged parts to show the machinist what to avoid and/or look for when the lathes and mills are running a certain part.

Okay, backing up what Walley said is over, back to the iPhone and topic at hand.
I just updated to the LG G4 and love it. The camera is much better, the touchscreen is more responsive and the graphics are crisper. Plus I got it from Supplytronics on Ebay for $120 refurbished in excellent condition. Wasn't a fan of paying $500 for a new LG G6.

But, I am posting in this thread because I am wondering what everyone thinks of the new IPhone X that is coming out. It seems a bit gimmicky to me. Thoughts?

I'm keeping an eye on the IPhone 7 on the Supplytronics page as a christmas gift for my mom.

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