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Anybody get the feeling that nobody cares anymore?
Somehow, I can't shake the feeling that nobody cares about anything. I'm not saying that people should be enthusiastic and cheerful about everything, but in general it seems people have checked out, they don't give a crap.

To give you concrete examples. I'm starting a new job, and, I had to keep calling HR multiple times just to get me credentialed. What should have taken a few weeks took a few months. And they say they will e-mail me documents, and they never do. Again, I have to call them multiple times just to get a simple e-mail.

I looked for places to live and I get the feeling nobody really wanted me one way or another. I mean, I am paying their salary by renting with them, but they don't seem to give a darn. Luckily I found a decent apartment with a nice lady working there, but even she seemed to be going through the motions.

And I am a middle class, stable, clean, nice person. And it seems like I get treated like I'm worse than a criminal or druggie. Everybody that I interact with is suspicious and defensive. It wasn't this way in the past. It wears you down.
Look, I know what you're going through... sadly I think the problem is that people nowadays don't give a damn about others... unless strictly necessary, and try to limit hassles to a minimum.

Sigh... what to say to you... not everyone is like that though! I can guarantee it Wink
Like Wayfarer said, I know how you feel too, Lonelydoc.

I've noticed the quality and caring have gone way down in the workplace and in many businesses as a whole.

There are many reasons for these changes, methinks. Companies/stockholders are trying to cut corners. Less people (for example in HR) might be being hired, or, if one quits, their workload is divided amongst the existing employees - who might have been already overworked to begin with.

Things have become so tedious, complicated and impersonal. We aren't made to feel welcome or appreciated anymore - even if we're a customer spending a lot of money.

Exactly - some employees actually treat us not much differently than if they're prison wardens and we're an annoyance. It's a horrible experience to be treated that way. I totally empathise with you, and I've experienced it myself and known of others who have as well.

It makes dealing with an efficient, caring person so refreshing. A wise company makes sure it's employees are well-adjusted, happy and cared for so they can function at their best with the public. The sad part, such companies seem few and far between these days. The emphasis seems now on "grab what you can" profit instead of smooth, steady customer care and quality. I understand just what you mean about it being disheartening to be treated that way and about seeing how suspicious and cold the world has become.

But like Wayfarer said, not everyone is like that though -- thank goodness.
(09-23-2014, 06:31 AM)Wayfarer Wrote: .. unless strictly necessary, and try to limit hassles to a minimum.

Yup - this.
“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”
Do you not find comfort in the fact that you care yourself? You care enough to call. They shouldn't be that lazy, and should send you the email if they want you to stop calling. Call away, I say, until you get what you need. We can't make people care. If I could, my life would be a lot easier.
OMG yes. Yes yes yes. I have railed on this for years. The thing is... I see it as a more scary and dangerous thing. It isn't just that they don't care... it is that whatever is making that dullard thought process... and I have considered if it is some economic type thing... that is making it so people are less and less able to care. When winter comes and your electricity goes out... and you don't get it back for 7 days... you think, 7 days ... really? And they say, yes, of course. However, you NEVER remember that happening when you were kid. People promise change... and it doesn't change. And you think... omg.. they are unable to change it. Scientists soon won't be able to make breakthroughs. Legal minds cannot reason worth a damn. Doctors are largely useless... and mostly concerned with billing.

I agree some part of it *is* greed. I do think that corporations / companys have figured out that you just have to do the bear minimum and that is all. And doing that, and just that, and sometimes dipping under that... makes a ton of profit for them. But at what point is this turning the world we live in -- into a nightmare. You cannot count on anything anymore. Your life is filled with fear and loathing. Everything has to be checked. You spend most of your day checking up on other people and nagging them. I am even scared that one reason this is happening is that the people that know stuff are dying and the people after then haven't learned... so they pretend like they don't care so people won't make them do the hard work.

And people's mistakes and arrogance keep getting more crazy... for instance the NFL last week. There is a lot of that "lets just say the line and hope they buy it" and I am terrified that this is just going to increase with later generations. Unless someone rises up and says, this is happening and we have to stop it. We have to do things right!! RIGHT.

Is this how the Romans went?

I have also considered that there is something in our food for environment that is causing it. It seems to be happening everyplace... even in non work environments. I have considered that it is something in our food that is doing it. I recently read "Wheat Belly" and there is proof that GMO wheat can cause neurological effects. I have felt them myself. Getting klutzy when I eat a high wheat diet.
It's a cold world, lonelydoc. And it's only getting colder. :/

I agree with VanillaCreme, though. The fact that you care should be a great comfort. I think, for myself anyway, that life would be so much harder to deal with if I didn't care enough to make any kind of effort.
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Thanks for the responses.

I'm not sure what it is, I don't think it's food. I think it has more to do with computers and screens, lack of real interaction. And high costs of living for everyone.

In any event the world is not getting friendlier, that's for sure.
I find that's always the case with people who work in a office in any kind of capacity. When I ask a question or have a concern for something, I get the most petulant response from grown women even when I have to make them do something so innocuous. I could just ask for their left ovarie..

I submitted an application to be reviewed for a exam a couple weeks back. With that, I had to pay the fee which is over a couple hundred dollars. I find out today that my application is incomplete and they will be sending me a letter detailing what that is... After clerkie reviewed and certified my documents and charged me to have them send it out..

Yeah, i'm not satisfied with that sort either.
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