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If you were to make a book/movie about your life, what would be the title?
Life Alone, LIFE ALONE!
Keepin' It Real Wink
Born To Die
I like cats more than human.Rolleyes cheap online shopping
The mixed up diary of a very hungry hobbit.
Lucky Jo
Serial Escapist
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
> "If you were to make a book/movie about your life, what would be the title?"

It is too obvious that such a mediocre man as me never can be a character of a book or a movie. Not talented, not special.
And my life is so senseless that no book or movie can be based on it.

I am invisible. People around me do not see me. My life is empty. And I am empty. I am interesting for nobody.
I do not exist: I never existed.

You have to be special to be a character of art.
How To Piece Together Dissociated Knowledge Logically And Articulately And Scare The Hell Out Of Everyone: A Love Story.
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"
Always walking uphill.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss
"Shit Happens"...
A life on lucozade

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