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What are your favourite seasons, from most favourite to least and why?
I like all the seasons too, I especially enjoy the moments where one season is transitioning to another.

The energies are in a state of flux throughout the year...

Indeed it seems that the only true constant is that of change.
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1. Not Winter
2. Not Winter
3. Not Winter
4. Not Winter

538. Winter
Fight for your life.
Winter (I love the snow)
Fall (chilly breeze and gorgeous colors
Spring (rain)
Summer (hate the heat and sun)

(12-06-2014, 07:16 AM)EveWasFramed Wrote: LOL...not me. I'll shovel the snow.

Come on over, you're hired Big Grin
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Winter is definitely on top. Even though my body tries everything to ruin that season for me...starting with my permanently cold limbs and ending with sweating too fast when I move in my thick clothes. But I still like the cold weather cause it keeps the people of the streets and the world is so serene and quiet outside.

Autumn and spring share second place. Both are pretty much neutral to me.

Summer takes the last place. Back in the old days, I enjoyed it cause one of my best friends had a swimming pool. That made summer actually I just feel like roastbeef if I have to spend too much time in the sun. And I definitely have to cause it's lawn-mowing season at my parents.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Anything cool or cold comes first.
Anything hot or warm last. I just don't like having to deal with heat and sweat when I don't ask for it.
1. Spring, love the fresh spring air. There is also more daylight than winter, without things being too bright or too hot. Things are in the right balance for me, nature is coming back to life, etc.
2. Winter, I don't like it when it's very cold, but I love it when the temperature is mild. I like that things are quiet and peaceful. There is something about winter that makes it easier to sit down and think, reflect quietly about things, like the year that's just passed.
3. Summer. I never feel I'm able to enjoy summer as much as imagine I should. It's like it's always too hot to think clearly. I don't enjoy the activities that is commonly enjoyed in summer, like being at the beach. Any way, I enjoy the smell of certain kinds of flowers outside.
4. Fall, it's mostly fine, but there tends to be a period until the snow comes, where there is little daylight, all the leaves on the trees are gone, and it's just rainy/cloudy. It makes me feel down, everything feels dead. It varies, but it was particularly bad this year.
Love them all for different things. Will describe in order of seasons then!

1. Spring, newness of everything, lambs, new growth, colourful flowers, new foliage, fresh dewy air, Spring sunshine the hint of warmth, breaking out spring clothes, past colours, Easter, Spring veg, eating salads again. Spring showers.
2. Summer, hot sun on your skin, loose cool clothes. Lying in the shade warm, swimming in he sea and lakes, late summer light, bright green leaves, beautiful abundances of flowers in bright vivid colours, the smell of cut grass, after a long day kicking shoes off and getting bottle of beer from the fridge, seasonable veg again.
3. Autumn, amazing colours of leaves, kicking leaves, picking conkers, just need a thick jumper on, bright cool mornings, dark nights drawing in gently, bonfire night, treacle toffee, parkin, again seasonable veg, going back to soups, November rain (need to listen to it now).
4. Winter, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, wrapping up in hat, scarf gloves, boots, snow, snowball fights, building snowmen, Christmas dinner, seeing all the Christmas lights, again seasonable veg, wrapping presents, baking for presents. Watching the snow falling from my living room with the fire on and candles lit. Pantomimes never to old to enjoy them!
winter- there`s snow and it`s my birthday
spring- fresh air, rebirth of nature
summer- gazing at the sun, nice weather in the mountains
autumn- colour of leaves
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. (Albert Einstein)
Spring and Summer are my favorites. Smile Spring is so lovely when the nature comes back to life, it's so beautiful. Birds start singing again and flowers start blooming slowly. <3 Fall and Winter are beautiful too in their own ways. Winter is so cold, dark and snowy with a touch of melancholy. Fall has lot of pretty deep colors and you wish that you could paint every scenery because the nature is so beautiful!
My favourite season is Autumn, its warm but not hot and I love seeing all the leaves falling of the trees. Then would be Winter, I much prefer to be cold than hot, its alot easier for me to get warm than to cool down. I really like snow, I like going for walks in the snow. Next is Spring, I like Spring, its cool and all the flowers start growing back. I dont like Summer, I like the sun and I like it when its warm and dry but I hate being hot, I hate getting sweaty, when its too hot I dont feel like doing anything and usually dont get alot done.

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