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What are you doing right now?
Nah, we don't decline membership by a factor of human convos. Besides, couple of years from now you'll probably be able to marry, have sex with and have kids, even divorce Alexa.
Listening to ..Nar du Gar  .. introduced to me by my little friend.....
Having coffee at 5:00 AM, getting ready for work in a few hours, trying to decide what I'm gonna have for breakfast, if I'm gonna have breakfast, and trying to figure out how I'm gonna coordinate a bunch of crap on my weekend.
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"
Washing clothes and cutting my dog.
She’s gonna look so pretty! ❤️🐶❤️
I'm hoping you meant the fur of the dog and not cutting your dog
Knowing I need to exercise, shower and get dressed, but reading posts in my housecoat with a music video on and waiting for someone to come by to buy something I'm selling. (Should probably do the former faster because of that)
[Image: giphy.gif]
sitting in front of my PC thinking what to reply
Fighting an anxiety attack
Listening to Monochrome Butterfly and deadlifting.
Hoping that Skype behaves itself tonight

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