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My new years.
I had a great new years eve. I went to bed at 8:30 and watched a few shows I had forgotten to watch. Both were great and before I knew it, it was 8:00 AM. I got up and planned only to size a curtain rod but I installed it. The only problem is that I installed it about 1 inch too high. But, I am too tired to do anything else today.

I was also having breakfast when my toilet started leaking. It would go on and fill. I wonder how long it has been doing that? At first, I thought I had it licked but it did it again later. So I took the entire thing apart and I think I had some debris clogging the seal. I HOPE. But it has been about 6 hours now and no filling.

As an aside, I used those "clorox" tablets that you put in the bowl. I had heard it could cause problems but I figured I would see. Yeh, I have used it for about 5 weeks. Do not buy them. I think it coroded my seal... I took what was left of it out today and hopefully I caught it on time.

I have to go to work tomorrow but that is ok because most places are closed and I can pretty much punch in and leave for the day and I might actually do that.

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