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please be my email friend/ buddy
I'm not in the know, so it's just my guess.
Remember GizmonicScrewdriver and his thread "How about no creepers and sociopaths?"? I think this is the kind of behaviour he was talking about.
It might look innocent, dunno, but in my eyes it really looks like the guy registered just to fish for a really vulnerable girl. And yes, I assume it was a guy. I mean, seriously? 13 minutes online, didn't bother to make a real profile, didn't write anything other than this single post, didn't even bother to check that the OP's last visit was like 2 years ago. So yeah, creepy "let's be friends *licking his lips*" kinda guy.
Crowd control situation! *machine gun fire intensifies*
(01-03-2015, 10:05 PM)BookLover120 Wrote: Hello! I am a 20 year old female. I live in Indiana. I have no friends.
I would love to have a email friend/ buddy that I could talk about any and everything possible. It doesn't matter if you're male or female and I don't care what age you are either.  
I'm a introvert, shy, and a tad bit awkward when it comes to people so I don't skype and I don't own a cell phone.

What I'm looking for in a email friend:
  • open minded
  • won't judge to hard or harshly
  • not racist
  • not a homophobe
  • won't mind me living through them ( since I don't really do much or have a life outside of the house)
  • won't stop talking to me when or if we have a disagreement
  • understands that my life is boring
  • will let me rant
  • let me ask inappropriate questions (only because i'm a very curious person)
  • let me be weird when my weirdness wants to pop out
  • understands that i'm not that smart.  
  • understands that my brain draw blanks sometimes and I don't talk politics
I also must warn that I might bug them a little at first since its been a while for me talking to people that's not my mother or my two younger brothers. I might seem or be a little / lot excited. LOL!
Please don't be too shy to email me, start a conversation with me I have nothing to do. Big Grin
Thank you for at least reading this and have a nice day / night!

20 years sounds like you know yourself pretty well. I'll talk to you about anything, God, space aliens, religion, The Universe, the stars.....newest movies....your favorite food. Anything....I'm free. Ask me what I think about anything you want to talk about.

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