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suicidal and lonely after losing first love
(01-09-2015, 12:57 PM)constant stranger Wrote: Doesn't sound like too much of a loss, except maybe for your pride. A really important social skill is knowing the right person to go out with in the first place and experience is a good but harsh instructor in that department.

Consider this a learning experience.

yeah, and deep down i know you're right, but how she ended it was so cold. And i'm a sensitive guy and it really does hurt, i just hope i find a girl who appreciates who i am.
also, i lost my job. And they didn't give me a reason as to why they fired me, i worked at a liquor store. And everyone that was working there when i was there are still there! and they are still looking for people. Honestly guys i'm not looking for attention or trying to create my own pity party but i am so lost. i don't even know where to begin. I got screwed over by my job and my girlfriend, And all i tried to do was be a hard worker and a good boyfriend and apparently they didn't get me far. I am crying right now and i feel like ending it. But i know that would be a selfish thing to do. I just feel like a complete failure, if i can't maintain a job at a liquore store than how am i going to have a career or another job? i feel so much pain its crazy, maybe im over reacting. I know im just a kid but it's hard not to be upset over this. I already cut my arm alot and i know that's an immature thing to do but it makes me feel good in the moment, kind of like alcohol does. Ironic how i do both at the same time.
You're going in a dangerous direction with the cutting and's going to make things worse for you.

I'd say focus on one thing at a time, like finding another job and if your prospective employer sees deliberate cuts on your body, forget about that job......

One success can encourage another success, so focus on a first step, a realistic, doable, practical step.....consolidate that accomplishment and solve all the other issues you've got after that.
Nothing exists entirely alone.  Everything is always in relation to everything else.

I know this is long outdated, but on the topic at hand; I went through this recently myself (barely 6 months ago) and it was one of the hardest times of my life, where I would've given anything to reverse time and undo it.

But in hindsight; it was an important step in development for me. What I gained from it in the long run was invaluable; the same as every other misstep in my life.

I was crying so often, I was borderline dehydrating, yet I pushed forward and kept doing my own things and things eventually got better. New places, new friends, and I began to find girls who I thought were even better matches.

I accept now that me and her didn't work romantically, but I think what hurts the most for me wasn't the romantic breakup; it was more that we were so emotionally close and truly friends, that she wanted me out of her life entirely.
Simply because I'm so intense and she feared I would try to rekindle it; which, at the time.... yeah, she was probably right in that concern.

So it's not like she even hates me, but I doubt we'll ever be able to talk again, even just as friends, and if anything hurts most; it's that.

My point being, to anyone else who sees this topic with similar issues; just keep going like you always have. Things get better and you never know when someone new might show up again. And you probably never would've met them at all if you hadn't experienced this setback.

Some things we consider 'bad' might actually be blessings in disguise. You just never know.

You're allowed to feel sad, cry, and get it out; but you can't just become stagnant because of it. Then those feelings will consume you and you really will be lost.
That's all I have to say on the matter.
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