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Over 30 and zero relationship experience?
(08-01-2020, 02:30 PM)priscella Wrote: The Bird Lesson and underneath all of that is in those days---hope....Its a young girl holding a crow up to a window...painted in 1867 by William Adolphe Bouguereau 11/30/1825-----8/19/1905 

IMO, the painting has a new meaning in today's society. The crow represents males. The girl is thinking that there are so many better looking crows out there that she should just throw this one on the ground and stomp on it. There is no need to find out any of it's good qualities. This crow is worthless to her and can not provide anything that she can not provide for herself. This thought makes her smile as she realizes it's a form of power.

Ha! ha!

The previous posted image became restricted. This one should be okay.
[Image: william-adolphe-bouguereau-l-oiseau-cheri-1867.jpg]
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
In my view that picture and artist is magnificent and of course the beautiful little girl. Those early days were very hard living and what this artist loved to do was to paint and he painted all the time. Your attitude "sucks" to me even when you try to be "funny", on some topics it is just overdone. It's like you putting something up on the net that you truly love and then someone comes into the play and make it truly irrelevant and puts it into a crow stomping scene rather than one of "hope"---I defend this beautiful picture as well as that precious child with that beautiful hand made blouse on with the little black ties. I will try to find the picture and post it on here in the future and I hope that I can accomplish this much---something you finished could not do.

Now I believe what one does not see in the picture is a window in the corner high up with light rays beaming down on the figure... I think this but am not sure and I do not know where I get that idea...But I feel it is in that picture somewhere---lol...
Furthermore "that picture information was addressed to Swamp Yankee" in the posting..
My comments were for other readers pertaining to an ongoing emotionally charged cross-thread topic. Sometimes you've got to stir the pot. You'll notice a lot of people read these threads but don't post much. Sometimes comments are more for them. Humor can be hit or miss especially when only using typed words and the full situation is not understood. However, the painting itself seems nice. Ha! ha!
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
I am glad that you like the picture for I love it and the artist as well.  This picture to me seems very very different from the other artwork he painted and it kind of sticks out and in my heart I believe that this child might be his daughter releasing a bird to the open window high up in the room. Now I never found the open window in any of his paintings but who to say it isn't there---my interpretation---lol lol---my imagination maybe but it winds up for me--one of hope for survival as she releases it to the world. Thanks for your post.. priscella..

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