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how do u overcome ur fears?
I often drink to cope. That isn't to say I need alcohol to deal with frightening or stressful situations, because I've faced terrifying life threatening dangers more than once, and dealt with it alone, head on and stone cold sober. But the point is, later, when the dust settles and smoke clears, the fear catches up and I drink to cope, and to come down off the adrenaline surge and steady my nerves. No it's not healthy, but at this time I'm unable to get any support or meds. Although sedatives aren't any healthier than beer. What I'm lacking most is emotional support from family or friends.
I face them....
The views I express are my own opinion. More often than not, if I say "you," it is generalized and not to a person specifically.

My advice is based on my own experiences and those of my friends and family. I may not have a degree saying I read a bunch of books/passed tests, but I have been through a lot and helped others through a lot. Experience is often a better qualification than having read books/passed tests.

I speak in a blunt manner. I mean no disrespect and I'm not being rude. This is just the way I am, please do not take offense.

Take what you like and leave the rest.


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