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Once a day: What are you thankful for?
Thankful for my dog. By my side, always.
I’m thankfor for being able to help my dad feel happy today.
My children
this forum!
That it's Friday
My dogs
(03-28-2019, 05:04 PM)Enpatsu No Shakugan Wrote: I'm thankful that the worst people I've ever seen will obviously never get a chance to breed and make more of them. Legit, very thankful for this.

This section is for Success Stories and Positive Experiences.  Not petty immaturity like being thankful for other forum members' distress and unhappiness.  It doesn't take too much imagination to guess who this refers to, and if that's what you're thankful for, well, maybe I can't call you an asshole directly, but that is something an asshole would say.  You might want to work on not saying those kinds of things.  

And before you gloat too much about people "obviously never getting a chance to breed", I'd worry about your own life, cause by your own admittance, your track record is far from the best.

(03-28-2019, 10:30 AM)Enpatsu No Shakugan Wrote: Christ, just shut the fuck up already.

Speaking of petty immaturity, it's also not that much of a stretch to guess that this referred to another forum member, posted in "What are you thinking right now" one minute after an argument in the "Waiting for love" thread.  Anyone can look this up in your post history on March 27, 2019 and verify it.

And I also saw you misuse the rep point system to insult someone, as well as hearing about your insulting PM's.   

You've pissed a lot of people off around here. I suggest you clean up your act.
I'm thankful I did not put orange juice on my salad instead of my salad dressing... I caught myself just in time. That would have sucked.

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