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lonely valentine
it's that time of the year again
everywhere you go
you see couples
sharing tea, food, time
all touchy feely
in a trance
no one exist around them
they're in their own world
they don't even notice me
the observer
watching them
enjoy each other
seems so sweet
maybe one day we will meet
just you and me

till then I'm just
another lonely
same as last year
and the year before
and the year before that as well
oh hell, its always been like this
tsk, tsk.
maybe one day we will meet
share coffee
maybe sweets and trees
or dance like we're in heat
sending waves of electricity
through my body
all the way down to my feet
in sync
moving along to the rhythm and beat
like connected energy
compatibility seems so sweet
maybe one day
we will meet
until then i'm just another lonely

don't get it twisted
i also see
the couples with
no suprise
wondering what lead to their demise
lackluster eyes
more heavy sighs
going through the motions
the disconnect is real
they see me looking
at them
unlike the other couple
I'm inside of their world
so quickly, i send my
puppy dog glances towards
the couple that don't even no i exist
must be bliss
compatibility seems sweet
maybe one day we will meet
till then I'm just another lonely.

I was trying to post this yesterday, but I had to wait to get my account activated.
Kind of ironic .. having to wait on a lonely forum to post

I wish you a happy belated valentines day friend
(02-16-2015, 04:17 AM)BadGuy Wrote: Kind of ironic .. having to wait on a lonely forum to post

I wish you a happy belated valentines day friend
right? lol, thank you! Same to you.
stick around .. its a nice place

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