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I'm wondering if people thinks video game is art.
Dear ALLers, Do you think video game is art?

This is my opinion:
My definition of art is: something can express author's feeling or experience.
And we can feel something in video games like Braid, Limbo, and The Binding of Isaac.
Some games don't express author's feeling properly. Let's talk about games like bejeweled, I can't feel strong expression like Limbo in this game, but anyway I can experience abstract thing.
(I can't say detail thing because I got confused by this example, but only thing that I can say is it's abstract experience.)
(And don't misunderstand me, I like bejeweled, it's addictive.)

Final thoughts: Definitely some games are art, but other games are ambiguous. so my opinion is "Some games can be art, but I'm skeptical at others."

How do you think, what is art, or what is not? and video game is art?
I agree with the examples you gave.

Art to me is an expression. Something to be observed and enjoyed (entertained).

I think the reason not all games are considered art because of the nature of video games. It's a form of entertainment and sometimes causes critical thinking and motor control. Now, Bejeweled itself might not be art but the style a certain person plays it could be called art. Archery itself isn't art, but the act of shooting arrows can be art, the construction of the bow and arrow can be art.
"Easier said than done." Yes, but what else are you going to do about it?

"You can't feel the warmth of the fire if you have four layers on trying to keep the cold out."
I think video games can be art. Some are more beautiful - in every sense - than people would want to give credit for.
Yes, it is a form of art.
I would think so, I mean lots have stories which is a form of art, and of course the graphics.
Yes. When exploring the different worlds and landscapes in a adventure/RPG game for example, I feel that what I'm experiencing is art. The same about character design, interface design, anything graphical, and music. Because of the artistic elements in them, and how those things are put together, I think video games themselves are art.

Maybe it depends on what a person want from a game? One of the reasons I enjoy video games is because of those things mentioned, and not just accomplish the next goal, winning, etc.
Hands down, YES. I do not even feel the need to justify my view either. It's so frigging obvious. If someone paid me to do it, I could probably write a 200 page book on why video games must be considered art.
I agree completely. Art is form of expression. Music, paintings, writings...all of them. Anything that shows what one is thinking is an art. Even ranting is an art not everyone can rant, can they? Even remain silent is an art. Expressing oneself is Art. So yeah video games sure are. We see the work of one's imagination. It is not always that Art will be good, some form of art is repulsive to some.
[Image: determination.jpg]
Sure, its an art. I wasted 3 years of my existence programming one that no one will ever play, and I hate that I drifted through life not able to do anything meaningful, because there's never any money, and you get the impression it's impossible to find a job. I swear, every single thing was arranged just the wrong way to bring me where I am now. Every event, every impression, perhaps the way God destroys someone is also an art, witchcraft is an art too.

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