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Death Penalty for Masturbation
Quote: Friends, join with me in writing to your government representatives both state and federal and DEMAND that they FIX THE LAW so that masturbators are put on death row beside the murderers they are so clearly equal to!

Thank you and God bless.

"Babylon has become a cage for every hateful bird. In her was found the blood of everyone who ever died." If one is justified by following God and his laws the Holy Spirit is of no effect. "If I don't go away, the helper wont come."

The religions and their followers are the Tares and they will die off or be removed by the reapers (angels) for reasons such as these. Nature is the lightbringer, the Universe is a brain, our oneness.

God is the 7 headed red dragon and his law is the forbidden knowledge of good and evil. "When demons are cast out, the house is cleaned, and 7 evil spirits take up residence and it is worse then before."
"That old serpent the devil who deceived the entire world was cast out." Apparantly the churchlings do not consider themselves part of the world, therefore they will be removed from it. They just keep following the lies of Paul. Romans 3:7.

There is an Esoteric death penalty, but that doesn't mean we should kill people over it. The wicked servant smites her fellow servants.
"Make this peoples heart thick, and their eyes heavy, that they see, but not understand, lest they see with their eyes, and repent, and I will heal them."

So of course, they don't understand why "He that is born from above, his seed remains in him." Job was considered perfect, "I did not kiss my hand," but he continued to worship God. So he got Satan and eventually died.

1. Geb became Adam / Atum (A Tomb) in the day that he became like God and died. Atum was self created through masturbation. Thus Geb, who was Saturn, the god of time, created time, a process by which we slowly erect our spirits into death.
"If Adam was worthy of you, he would not have died." You can replace Adam with a blank. Noah was perfect, but he died. Moses died, the Prophets died, saints died, even Jesus died. "You speak of the dead and ignore the living one in your presence."

2. Apostle Paul = Pole/Pull. Peter = Penis. Simon Magus = Semen. Jesus built his church on Peter. Peter was taken where he didn't want to go by Paul, and Paul was mistaken for Jesus and executed, and said he had a thorn of Satan in his flesh named Jesus. Simon Magus was the Peter who became the first Pope of Rome. Paul was the 8th author. "He is the 8th of the 7 and goes into perdition." So the Pole pulled the Penis, and the Semen became the Poop (pope) in the Vatican Vagina.

3. "When the mystery of God is finished there will be time no longer." Time and the keeping of time leads to death. "As you measure, so shall it be measured onto you." Which is verified true by Quantum Mechanics. Every week of 7 days, every year of 52 weeks, we affirm that we are one year older, until we grow old and die. "An old man will Ask a child of 7 about the place of life and he will live." The May Suns catch 22/4 Tradition of Time and Ages (V is letter 22, Roman 5) gave us all the Religions.

4. The Masturbator is the Master Baiter. "I will make you fishers of men." 13 People who died Masturbating. Revelation 22 (V) A river of life, pure as Crystal, and the Tree of Life was on either side.

5. "There are five trees in Paradise. Whoever knows them will not experience death." Or you can die and go 2 Pair of Dice. This is the only video I could find about the V commercial.

6. The Mask Q Line and the Fem Eye Nine. Six Sex Sects. The 6 Lovers chained up by the 15 Devil.

7. God awakens on the first day, and sleeps on the 7th day Sabbath. 1/7 You are born, and you die. Thats why 777 = Joker Doom, and Setzer removed the payoff on the Casino Ship. 7 is the Scythe of harvest.

8. The HourGlass is time, and there are 2 kings. There are 4 worlds. The water is not where it should be. Understanding was damned. There are 4 corners of the Earth. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

9. Nine is the number of perfect correspondence for the Matrix. The new life emerges from the womb. You must "Be perfect as the most high is perfect." There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The first part of the Riddle was the most important, but the complete version will be useful. This will drop Anchor on the Wor-SHIP-ing Mer-chants and Freemasons.

[Image: huge.101.506568.JPG]

The Gods became lords of the dead. Geb was the son of Shu (Yeshua/Cain) but when he became Adam / Atum, it was like the time travel paradox. Go back and kill your own grandfather, to become your grandfather so that you can change the nature of your father, by making him into your son. All of the gods represent something, like rain, moisture, the sky, etc, because they died and became part of nature. So they became venerated as forces of nature. A sad lament for the departed, and their cries in the wind.

Core of the Crisis. Its long, but some things could not be more obvious. "Legends will speak of sacrifice at worlds end." From a guy named Genesis holding a blue apple. "When the war of the beasts is over, the Goddess descends from the sky." There are 3.
When I think about this thread I touch myself.

Yeah, lol. The tower of babel is a penis. They were trying to reach heaven. I see this tower as more of a symbolic victory, much like how Dubai new Babylon where all the rich elite live. Money has usurped and replaced the masculine.

My father worked at Able alarms. My mother divorced him. I have a brother I never met named Seth Adam. I was born and mostly lived in Phoenix, which is derived from Pahanok, meaning the House of Enoch. Thus have I found myself.
I want to fuck god.
"Before you judge someone, try walking in their shoes for a mile. That way, when you judge them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

My porn name: Toothpaste Jackhammer.

A bad Jedi dude
Combs the forums endlessly
Master spam spotter


There are 10 types of people. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

Founding member of DO-IT (Department of Orgasmic Intervention Tactics)

"Man's Inhumanity To Man
Makes Countless Thousands Mourn."

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I'm trying to understand what you've said here.
I don't see any reason to make fun of people who are clearly delusional. It's like making fun of schizophrenics.

How many times have we, ourselves been made fun of because of our inability to fit into the real world. Let them have their little world of insanity and leave them in peace. They have condemned their selves much more than our abilities to add to or detract from.
To burden yourself with others is to free yourself from you!
I love the fact that a Jim Goad article was linked in the original post, he's a brutal poignant writer.

As far as the topic at hand goes, I say let jerks be jerks
First you plant the five trees. Then grow the branches in the flat soil. Release the water, sprout the leaves, and you will find 12 fruit. It will help to read Revelation 13, and the Gospel of Thomas, Q Source. Finding/Planting the trees is the most important part.

The beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. The beast is death. 7 and 10 is where you die. The 10 of swords is Ruin, (death) 10 of disks is wealth (what you become) 10 of wands is oppression (you can no longer fight) 10 is where energy becomes dead matter.
The rest of the riddle is my way of defeating Sephiroth, who was my brother Seth Adam. (Atom = 666 = Sun = Ra = Horus = Seth Horus = Sephiroth) 10 is where your soul has departed from your body. 10 is the Sperm Spirit Serpent entering the death womb.

"Make the male and female into one and you will enter the kingdom of heaven."
(04-28-2015, 04:56 PM)oh-kay? Wrote: I don't see any reason to make fun of people who are clearly delusional. It's like making fun of schizophrenics.

How many times have we, ourselves been made fun of because of our inability to fit into the real world. Let them have their little world of insanity and leave them in peace. They have condemned their selves much more than our abilities to add to or detract from.

Those are pretty harsh words for the guy. It seemed like a funny and lighthearted thread to me, so I wanted to join in, nothing more. Plus, I love that song haha.

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