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I don't feel lonely anymore - Meet Shelley
congrats, i'm happy that you found a new dog Smile
Adorable fur baby. Congratulations!
First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. -Epictetus
(05-29-2015, 12:19 PM)HoodedMonk Wrote: [Image: qm3Q0qR.jpg]
[Image: ZdAwnj0.jpg]

So, about two years ago my childhood dog died. I was heartbroken.

After waiting two years..I couldn't wait anymore and went and got another dog after my mom told me to "research getting a dog" meaning she was putting me off again. I felt incomplete without a dog in my life.

So, enter Shelly. Smile Very very intelligent. 10 weeks old She knew how to come on the first day I got her. Taught her how to sit on the second. Today I was teaching her how to fetch. She's starting to eliminate outside, but she's still having accidents inside. We're still struggling with the concept of having a leash around our neck.

I can tell mom is pretty angry about me getting the dog. She acts as if I am putting a huge responsibility on her when it's me taking care of the dog 24/7. First it was that the dog wasn't small enough, then she didn't like the dog because it barks due to separation anxiety when I put her in the mud room (She's a puppy…), she got really pissy with me today when I asked her to ask the guy who she has do everything else around the house for free to take care of Shelley for the 8 hours she would be gone tomorrow and then downright refused to ask him for me claiming that I needed to take care of my own dog. (basically punishing me for getting the dog)

Then tonight Shelley had an accident in the good living room that i immediately cleaned. And mom remarked that the house smells of urine from the dog, while giving me a hard look.

It's making me feel a little hopeless and sad. Shelley brings me so much joy and happiness, but I'm being made to feel otherwise.

What an adorable animal. And what a nasty mother.

Sometimes, I am faced with a similar situation; my wife often complains about my stepdaughter's cat (she climbs on furniture & makes my wife sneeze), but I respond with 'that cat makes better company than a lot of humans I know'. Namely, her father.

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