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Post something beautiful you have seen today.
I believe that happiness comes from appreciating the small things in life. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. I just know I feel happier when I am noticing the beauty in everyday things.

Today I just went outside at the back of my home and the moon was hidden behind other houses but the moonlight on the clouds, it actually looked like a silver lining.
Those flower seeds I planted a few weeks ago have finally sprouted Big Grin
Yummy coffee. Big Grin Yes, it's pretty in the morning!
I'm wondering, Are tears sweet? well, they taste salty but metaphorically speaking, are they sweet in any sense? To me sometimes they look beautiful.
[Image: determination.jpg]
The flower my son gave me this morning on our walk to school - a lowly yellow weed, but it is beautiful because it was given from the heart with love....

And me.
The sound of rain on the window.
The sound of a young child laughing with wild abandon.
An old man showing a five year old how to play pitch and putt with infinite patience.
The feel of my cat's coat when I stroke him.

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