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Could another person be happy with your life?
I don't know if someone else could be happy in my life. I suppose it depends on how strong that someone else is and how much they can handle. But, no one else lives my life and I don't know if I would want another person living my life or even me living another person's life. I mean, yeah, other people have less problems than me and others have more problems than me, but my life is my own and I don't honestly believe I would ever give it up or pass it on to someone else. For all the ups and downs, my life is okay for the most part and no matter who is living what life, you will always have some problems. It's better to just learn to handle them well and accept what you can't change.

The expression about not judging until you've walked a mile in a person's shoes is a good one here. You don't know what people go through, so you can't know what their life is like....even if they are your best friend.
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The Real Callie-I agree with you 100% about not judging till you have walked a mile in someone's shoes. None of us know what it is really like to be someone else, inside their head, living their life. We only see the bits of them which they present to the outside world. It doesn't stop many of us from judging though, which is sad.
there is nobody else. the only person living your life is you. if it were anyone else's life, it wouldn't be your own.

nice try
I wouldn't subject my life onto anyone else. It'd be cruel of me.

And Callie's right, no one could possibly know another person's life unless they've lived it themselves. Which is entirely impossible cos everyone is different and think differently and brought up differently under different circumstances mostly.
I have a feeling that if someone had my life they would do a better job than what I have been doing.
Many people would be happy with mine. I'm happy with mine. What has happened, has happened. I can't change the negatives and the losses. I can only change my own attitude when it comes to how I deal with them.

Despicable Me, I enjoyed your post and pondering your existential questioning. But I don't think the OP meant for it to go to that particular depth. I agree with your last statement. It is a way to compare yourself, and it certainly isn't healthy.
Primum Non Nocere
I feel that if someone had my life they would commit suicide or go mentally insane.
I don't know about you, but I am the only person capable of living my life. I would have to assume that the same can be said of a lot more people than you may think.
I think a person is a mixture between experience and genetics, so i dont think another person could live your life like you do, since they would have made other choices or reacted differently to some situations and even the smallest changes can have big impact later in your life. That is why i dont think 2 people could have the same life. If another person were put in your place they might act differently with the input you have and make it Something completly different.
In my case many people don't seem to realise that i hate myself, they see me as a weird negative person but they don't seem to understand the reasons, but to my point of view my life sucks and it is obvious, however i'am sure someone else would do great with what i have, that is a reason why i'am trying to modify who i'am actually and change my personality as well as parts of my identiy.
(06-04-2015, 04:00 AM)howtobealone Wrote: I wonder how much of happiness is genetic predisposition and how much of it is circumstances. Not to sound too negative, but I couldn't imagine having the lives of at least 75% of the people in the world (presuming I still had my negative mindset), and yet many of these people claim to be happy. I think on paper a lot of people would love to have my life, but I'd probably trade places with an average person if he claimed to be happy. I could picture a lot of people being happy if they had my looks, intelligence, life circumstances, even my physical maladies. But I've always been miserable with the life I was given. I hope one day I can enjoy this life of mine, after all, what's to say I can't adopt the mindset of happier people whose lives aren't as appealing as mine on paper?

Wow, this is a very interesting question indeed. I guess a lot of people would or could be happy with my life. Yet I am not. 
If I were to enumerate things that people would find positive and how for me are negative maybe you could tell me if you agree or if I am the one that just sees the bad thing. 

I still have my mom and my dad          My mom and I are not close at all, my dad doesnt get involved as my mom is the dominant one
we have a house                                For monetary reasons I still live with my parents, but at least I have a place to live
I had clothing                                    All my clothes were hand me downs from my older sister, and i got yelled at when I said kids made fun of me and if i could have something that was actually new and my size (sister is 8 years older)
Have no job                                     I was happier when I had a job, nobody likes their job, but still it was better than doing nothing
Have some medical conditions            Here it gets tricky, I have EDS, you might see me and see nothing wrong, i look at me and see everything that is wrong. I have some other issues with health but i believe EDS, is responsible for most. 

For me my main issue is I grew up alone, my mom would not let me touch her, talk to her, or be around her, and my dad traveled a lot and was mostly gone, all I remember wanting since I was about 8 was to sleep with someone hugging me, that is all I really want, someone to hug, but not a compromise hug or a void hug, no, someone that loves and cares about you and comes and hugs you really tight, someone that walks with you and out of the blue gives you a kiss. Love and companionship I guess is all I want. 
Funny I started cutting myself at about 5 years old, started to dream about having someone to hug at 8. Forgot, maybe someone that understands me. 

More than likely, someone who still haves their parents, lives with them, has food and clothes nothing fancy but still, would be happy even with no job, and sick. Oh and single. and a bit old. But still they could be happy, why cant I?

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