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various personality disorders
I found an online test for various personality disorders. It consisted of about 30 yes/no questions and looked reliable and responsible. In the results it listed about 10 different personality disorders and evaluated me as being at low or medium risk for six of them. It evaluated me as being at high risk for borderline, narcissistic and dependent disorder and very high for paranoid disorder. I had already asked my family doctor for a referral to an assessment for borderline and shall phone him on Monday to expand that to a referral for evaluation on all disorders, unless he has already done so or the screening that the specific institution does automatically includes screening for multiple disorders.

Here's where YOU get to have your say. Do you feel that you have any personality disorders orr anyone else you know does? A number of the posts I read from newbs in the intros forum sound like they might, and I just never noticed that until the questions in the test I took reminded me of the kinds of things I see newbs often posting. Anyway, your turn to talk.
(07-13-2015, 09:27 AM)mickey Wrote: Here's where YOU get to have your say. Do you feel that you have any personality disorders orr anyone else you know does?

I feel like I have avoidant personality disorder. But everytime I hang out on one of those boards I feel out of place. They seem to have it much more seriously than I do but still I know I have it. I avoid avoid avoid.
Do you have a diagnosis for Aspergers, Mickey? i think i remember you mentioning that in some of your posts.
The DSM can be interpreted to screen out virtually anyone with some form of disorder, which was basically the point.
I think I have ADD or something like that, I'm not one of those hypochondriacs that think they have everything they see, but I came across the symptoms not long ago and I pretty much have all of them, I keep meaning to go to the doctors but I haven't got round to it.
[Image: 2vj1q3q.jpg]
Usually with these things, you don't go to a doctor; a doctor comes to you.

Damn that's a Russian Reversal for reals.
I have AS and I know a couple of people with borderline personality disorder.
Hope your doctor refers you for assessment for all disorders you tested on. Online tests are not always reliable; you are right to want to undergo a proper evaluation.
What led me to make the OP was the fact that I so often see people on ALL saying the kinds of things that were also questions on the online test. Either the test is bad or many of us seem to have personality issues.
Its a bad test. Not empirically based. So saith the person with a psych degree.

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