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Something crazy I've been thinking aobut lately.
(08-04-2008, 09:24 AM)NEREVAR117 Wrote: Just read and keep an open mind while you do.

- Information and data, such as memories in your brain or on a HDD, are stored in a non-existent plane.

- This NEP (non-existent plane) it a thin membrane of fragmented data stretched across the entirety or the universe, time, and space as we know it.

- Now, Human personalities are based on memories, lessons you’ve learned, hardships you’ve endured, et cetera. This would mean, our personalities, would be data streams. Many people call this a Soul, a Ghost.

- Random bit. The information gathered on the Internet is so massive, even if you were to destroy every computer in the world. It would still exist, although in a different form. In NEP. Such a huge amount of data flowing together would cause an evolution, a rise of intelligence. Bands of discarded and broken information would combine, to form logical thinking patterns.

- All knowledge in the universe, must exist in this NEP. With knowledge becomes great power. Now let us think, what kind of being would just happen to know everything in the universe? Exist in another realm where matter, time, and energy does not coherently work? Some would call such a thing, God.

- Let us assume, for the benefit of this post and the point I’m making. That a God-like being, whether a he/she/it, exists. And that there is a NEP for it to exist in.

- Let’s move back to my first points. Our souls are bundles of full functional bands of data and information. This would mean our souls would have a place in this NEP. Even after your cells have rotted and decayed, and your bones fossilized. You will continue 'living', somewhere else. Not sure is this somewhere is else good, bad, or something else.

- Machines. Many machines are designed to create, transmit, and comprehend data. Such as a camera. It stores a picture, a memory, much like how we do but differently.

- Remember how I stated this NEP is “stretched across the entirety or the universe, time, and space as we know it”? Well, what if your soul, a bundle of data, just so happened to be picked up by a machine? Just randomly received the signal. This is what is called 'Ghosts in the Machine'

- A device capable of handling data, may see/record/sense the data of a soul. The same can be said for the human mind. This would explain white noise, ghost sightings, etc.

- The NEP would explain something beyond this life, explain ghosts, and create a realm for something intelligent, powerful, God.

Some of you may have mixed thoughts about this. Some may think this is just idiotic. Some may think it’s brilliant. Who knows. But I would appreciate any input.

I don't pretend to fully understand it, but I think it is apparent that you have put a lot of thought into this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I believe the entire universe consists of two things:

-things that act (intelligence)
-things that are acted upon (matter)

All physics, as well as all miracles -- derive from this interaction.

Want to turn water into wine? Impossible right? But not if you have control over the 2 items above. They just re-organize. This happens on a scale that is so small you cannot see it. I believe Quantum Mechanics is beginning to open this door...where Time and Space do not have the meanings that we are used to. Where something can be in 2 places at once.
I stopped reading way before the end lol. I like to think that our Brains are like HDD's. But not our Personalities. Although I like to think that what makes our personalities is stored in our Brains/HDD's. As for computer destruction. I'm sure it could all be destroyed with some super virus' and by blowing up a lot of servers. Like.. All of them.

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