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Cats are Aliens?
We are servants of truth. All the servants are trying to figure out the events of the last days, and what is what. The lazy one was fearful and hid his talent in the Earth.

Things are getting heavy. Sometimes I am afraid for the things I am finding, and I see people doing. Even so, it is better to come forward. "The Spoiler" could mean giving spoilers.

We don't know where we've been or what we've done, but we know who we are here and now. So it is better to come forward, forgive, show mercy, just as thieves get lenient sentences when they confess.

Big things are coming, eventually, and people won't be satisfied until they happen. So my advice to everyone is to prepare, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
next time just post in the entertainment section. There's not one ounce of anything to debate about in these posts.
There is if you want to talk about Schreodinger's cat and Quantum Mechanics, but other then that. If someone wants to move it, that would be fine.


[Image: 5d..1.internet.lie.egypt...funny..147667...6880_n.jpg]
Aliens or Devils. I haven't chosen which yet.

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