Article on Confidence
I'm sure this this article will be helpful for all the shy people out there, including me! ;)

We are born confident.

Do you know that when you were a small child, you were so confident? Ever seen a kid; six months, one year, two-year old? Look at the level of confidence he has. That kid hardly ever has any doubts. If the kid wants to slap you, he will slap you; immensely full of confidence. There is no guilt, no complex in the kid. You may be wearing the best of the clothes, finest quality of suit, just acquired from the market, if the kid thinks that your suit is better suited to be his diaper, he will use your suit as a diaper. With no remorse, it will use your suit, color it. Yellow and black and whatever and then laugh at your face. Ha! Ha! It won’t even bother to say sorry to you. Right?

Nobody is ever born with fear. None of us were born afraid.

Today we are afraid. Is that not so? Fear is not our nature. Fear has been given to us. We have picked it up. From where? From outside.

So, now the kid is growing up. And what does the mother say? (Sleep, otherwise the bad man will come).
Now fear has started coming. Now, confidence is being lost. Fear is given to you by the family, by the society, by the education, by the media, by the friends. Fear is not your nature. Fear is implanted into your mind.

Do not ask for confidence, just ask for freedom from fear.

How do I get rid of this fear? You will get rid of this fear the moment you see that you are not afraid but somebody is trying to make you afraid, that this fear is external, alien, foreign. Just as you picked it one day, another day you can drop it back. It is not what you are. It is what you have. And if you have it, you may as well not have it. Give it up!

‘If you do not do well in your class tenth exams, there would be a great problem.’ And the teacher is well-meaning it. ‘If you do not study, you will fail.’ The teacher does not say that if you do not study then you will not enjoy the subject. There is a great difference between these two statements. Statement 1- If you do not study, you will fail. Statement 2- Study so that you may enjoy the subject. In the second statement, there is no fear. In the second statement, there is an invitation to joy. Study and there is joy in it. But what does the teacher say? ‘Study, otherwise you will fail.’ Do you see how fear is given to us by education?

Do you see how fear is given to us by the family, by all these movies that you see, by the literature that you read? All these factors keep coming into your mind. And then when we are afraid, we ask for confidence.

Do not ask for confidence; just see what fear really is.

Fear is a thought given to you by the society. Fear is a thought of incompleteness given to you by the society. The society is making you feel that there is something missing in you, that you can lose something; and that is fear. Something bad may happen, something bad may happen in the future; that is what is fear.

Fear is a thought given to you by somebody else. You have that right whether to take that thought or whether to drop that thought. You have that power. Exercise that power. ‘If I do not want to be afraid, nobody can make me afraid.’ You have allowed that person to make you afraid. Do not allow him. Nobody can terrify you without your permission. Do not give them that permission. And then you will never be afraid.


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