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Who else self medicates to escape depression?
Alcohol, Weed, and LSD.

Though, in the next year, after June, I'm going to attempt total sobriety.

Partially because, well, you can't run from things forever I suppose is a good way to put it.

I lost both my LSD and Weed sources. And while I enjoy drinking, I often make irrational or careless decisions.

Though, a big part of why I did this in the first place was for mind expansion purposes and to have a better comprehension or to see a multiple of views or aspects from one subject. That and, heh, long drawn out philosophical and spiritual conversations with someone who was once very, very, close to me.

I HAVE noticed however that, I sleep less and am more....obviously anxious, in sobriety. Which, is annoying. Especially since I'm right at the tipping point of my age where my body doesn't handle these things as well anymore. Haha.

It will probably be a very long time since I meet another person in person however like him, someone that I can have that sort of a conversation with. I quite miss him. He's like my brother. We still talk, but, less frequently than we used to because him and his fiance moved.

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