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Should I try to contact an old friend?
I'm going to do it anyway, LOL, but I just want to see what everyone else's opinion is.

I haven't seen one of my old friends from high school in about 16 years (not too long after we graduated). I can't remember exactly why we stopped talking (I feel it was probably more my fault than hers--I was immature at age 18), but I'd like to see how she's doing and, hopefully, we can start a new friendship.

So, does everyone think I'm crazy to try to contact her after all these years? And has anyone else tried doing the same thing, and, if so, how did things work out for you?
Do it!.

I also start contacting my friend from high school. It has been 5 Years. It was as if time hasn't passed. We start texting each other's more frequently as well as calling each other. We also plan going out more often. Surrender yourself with people that loves you.
"We were a match made in heaven until all hell broke loose"
BW, I think you should. In fact, it happened to me just last was the other way around, but I'm so glad I heard back from my best friend. I moved away, to south Florida, back in 1990 and just lost touch with my best friend. He got a hold of me through my sister and asked if he could get my number. I agreed, but I never heard from him in two months time.

Anyway, last week he called me and we just started talking and it was like there wasn't a 25 year gap in our friendship. We (me, him and his wife) met a diner and had breakfast. We talked so much, we were there for nearly two hours...the time just flew by. Then again, the waitress sucked and we didn't get our order taken for nearly 20 minutes, but it was okay as we had so much catching up to do. I had a great time and we will now start meeting once a month, since they both go golfing in my area.

So yes, you should do it. Good luck.
Yeah, you should totally do it. Your friend has probably been wondering how you've been doing all these years as well.
I've gotten in touch with old friends and, like beautiful loser mentioned, it was like we just saw each other the day before and we just picked up the conversation right where we left off without any gap at all in our friendship.
I got back in touch last year with someone I hadn't talked to since the early 80s. (yay Facebook Smile )

En la boca cerrada no entran moscas.
Go. For. It.
(10-11-2015, 06:55 AM)bookworm1979 Wrote: I'm going to do it anyway, LOL, but I just want to see what everyone else's opinion is.

If you were going to do it anyway why....oh never mind.
Yes, give it a try. You have nothing to lose.
Wow, I am really encouraged after reading everyone's replies!

I guess the reason I'm asking for opinions is that my self-esteem is beyond low, BeyondShy. I tried contacting one old friend a few years ago on Facebook, but she just blew me off with an "Oh yeah, we have to do lunch some time" and never answered my next reply (she was the one who ended our friendship years before that). I was e-mailing back and forth with another old friend, also a few years ago, but that ended when she disagreed with my choice in political candidates (she ALSO was the one who ended our friendship years before that). So, my track record with friends has been dismal, and I just hope that the friend I want to contact now won't still be angry after all these years because I ignored her back then.

And then I also wonder if she'll even remember me...
(10-11-2015, 06:55 AM)bookworm1979 Wrote: So, does everyone think I'm crazy to try to contact her after all these years?
My mother learned about Facebook a few years back. And asked me a similar question. But she did and found so many of her old colleagues and now they are really good friends. So, why not try.

Also, it seems you had problems then, as you mention "It was mostly my fault...." But then you can tell her that you missed her. And thats not a lie because if you wouldn't then you wouldnt think about making contact again.
Yes, I can't remember exactly what took place...I think we were supposed to go see a movie and she didn't show up or call on the day we were going, but she DID leave a message a few days later, and she had a good reason for not calling right away...I was just being stupid because it's been ingrained in my brain since youth that you MUST call if you're going to be late, etc., no matter what the circumstances are...I still don't know why I never called her back and hashed it out back then...I think I was overwhelmed with college or something, and, like I said, I was immature, and probably had rejection issues...

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