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Illuminati vs The People (Freemason Capstone Osiris Archangel Michael) Zion Matrix
I've spent a lifetime fighting for the common people. Since I was 7 years old and started reading my Bible I saw Jesus as a kind of revolutionary who defended the poor and fought against the establishment. That spirit does not exist in the churches. That attitude is frowned upon by our society. The world is a hierarchy and the people ostracize and judge one another according to their place in it.

The people do not want a revolution, they want a perfect hierarchy. They have turned a blind eye to a savage world in which children starve, where only the most fit are judged worthy to reproduce. The people are alienated work slaves to whom love is business as usual. No one will love you for your mind or inner qualities. You're a piece of meat to them, to be evaluated, ranked, and judged according to your market value.

So I've come to the conclusion that the people are not worth fighting for, and deserve the hardships they get. It would be better to try and reform the Illuminati then the common people. The controllers of this world are involved with Rome, the bankers, and the beast system, but not everyone in the Masons, Illuminati, or other secret societies work for the Pope and the beast. This is part of the reason why they are secret to begin with, and have needed to be throughout the Roman church age. This would be about those of the Illuminated who want to see Zion and ultimately a better fate for all of us, but the main point is organization and reward for those who are awake.

My proposal is to round up investors and high ranking members and begin to reward truth seekers with youtube channels, and the like. Freemasonry is known to be a charitable organization and one of many who are bound to the contract of the Bible. "If you have done it to the least, you have done it to me." The poor and needy qualify, but more importantly we want to start rewarding and recruiting those who are awake and against the beast system, bankers.

You get a degree in College and go on to run your business. The philosophy of the 360 African lodges, rite of Memphis and/or Ramses, has been the mason who carves away the stone to bring out what is already there. Those seekers should be ranked and rewarded according to their progress. There will not be any Christian persecution or beheading of churches unless the Romans have such a plan, but whoever follows Rome and Christianity, as opposed to Yeshua, Zion, and their association with Judaism, Egyptian, Hindu, etc, will not be included in any kind of reward. This to include both Catholics and Protestants, all the churches and the whole church system do not know him and already have their reward.

"The Lord has founded Zion and the poor of his people shall trust in it." In the Matrix Neo is the white man initiated to 360 full circle knowledge by Morpheus, who represents the so called black only African lodge. Simon Bar Giora had coins made declaring the redemption of Zion. Apostle Peter is the Rock the true church is built upon that will crush the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's golden image of Babylon. "Peter the Roman will shepherd his flock through many tribulations, and then the dreadful judge will judge his people." Mithra / Myth RA was also the Rock, Peter.

The Lucifer of the Vatican is the king of babylon, but the leader of Freemasonry, Free May Sun Re, is Amen Re, received on May 26. I was born on May 26, and I'm the only one out there calling it Free May Sun Re. Like Iedoud/Jesus the Phoenician, I lived in Phoenix all my life, and I'm a Gemini. Jews (Khebers) and Phoenicians were the original Gemini twins. Like Jesus I had a relationship with a woman named Mary. I lived with a man named Paul who sort of took my life where I didn't want it to go, like Peter who is taken where he doesn't want to go. I lived at address of 39 (OT books) then 27 (NT books) and now at apt J15. (J is letter 10, as in Jesus divides the wise and foolish virgins in 2015) The people who are not awake and seem to enjoy their captivity shall remain captive. The 365 Lightbearers of the Living God are able to manifest the Capstone of Osiris, who is Amen Ra, Khephera, YHWH 7858 GZEZ and the Archangel Michael who cast down the beast and the 7 headed dragon.

The Capstone of Osiris, Ra, is the Archangel Michael

The doors will be opened for a limited time, and it will help to have made videos and/or playlists in the past, and other ways of proving where the person stands in regard to exposing the NWO elite, opposing the Church, Rome, and support of Yeshua the Messiah vs Jesus Christ, Azazel, and at some point the doors may be closed forever. September 23 came and went, and nothing happened. I found the 50 names of Marduk as the 50 states of America, which is a corporation = Person, not a country. The 50 year Jubilee and super Shemitah nothing happened, except my youtube channel was taken down.

Peter never went to Rome in the first place. Simon Bar Giora was executed at the temple of Jupiter (Jew Peter) thus he was called Peter. I do have someone for Rome, if they want her. Mary Nun ya (Nun Yah) she was a Taurus with a magical name of Blue Star, like Israel. The Taurus bull is the golden calf and sacred cow of the Milky Way goddess, Mary queen of heaven. The kaaba of Allah / Kabbalah Muslims circle with the Yoni is the goddess black hole at the center of our galaxy surrounded by stars. It expresses the masonic Egyptian notion of souls dying and becoming stars. Saturn is also known to be the Sun. IsRaEl, Isis the almighty El-ectric sun. In the most ancient times the sun was female. The blue star is also a supergiant that is the dying phase of a massive star. they are very rare. Israel betrayed their Lord causing him to make a so called new covenant with the beast of Rev 13/Hosea 13, Peter, Paul, Judas, the bear, leopard, lion, Bear of Daniel 7:5, Acts 10-15, Rome, kingdom of Iron, Christianity. In the same way, Mary betrayed me and I found myself drawn again into that for a brief time, and that's when I began my quest to get the truth of things. Mary was abused by her father, and killed herself in a past life. The Christ word of God is scripted as a willing sacrifice going to it's own suicide, and cries out "father, why have you forsaken me." Aside from Joshua, King Manu, and Iedoud the Phoenician, the Christ story is based on the sun, which I just said was originally female. Science proves the child of a virgin birth must be female, so all the other virgin born sun gods are lies. Lucy Fur, is Venus, the morning star. Women are from Venus, duh. Thomas 114 "Have Mary leave us, women are not worthy of life. Then I will make her male." This is how the Christ made Mary male.

A history of the female sun:
What IS all this bullshit?
[Image: 2vj1q3q.jpg]

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