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What defines you as a person?
I'm not sure how to answer this.
Thinking about it for a while, I'd say

my ability to understand, to empathize, to learn, to improve, to search for meaning
What defines me... hmm. My personality and character, I suppose.

What motivates me, it's always been about helping other people until I came to a point where I couldn't even help myself. So what motivated me then? I think people's continued support and also something to look forward to. It can be just one simple thing as talking to someone or playing a game or just about anything of interest at the point of time.

Major motivation? To do what I've always wanted to do.. move out. Social work, living life as much as I'd like to. Traveling.

I have to say there was a point of time when my life was at its lowest and I had zero motivation. It is never an easy thing to muster up. It surely took time for me and a lot of reflections, mistakes and mindset-altering thoughts.
I like to think I'm defined by the traits I've picked up from others, who in turn make me who I am.
As for motivations... best if I kept that a secret. To be honest, to an extent, I'm not entirely certain myself, but if it's what I think it is, it's best left unsaid.

Of course, this is alongside my spontaneous random acts and love for cats.
I am known as a walrus, but at the same time, it's tea time, so naturally, a fiddle is really a shoe in disguise as a pear.
My mind and thoughts define me, but I do not know how best to describe them.

What motivates me is the desire to do my best in everything I undertake. The effect of this is that I repeatedly try until I cannot go further, for ironically, how would one know that that was their best effort when they have not tried to achieve something better?
(11-12-2015, 04:39 PM)BreakingtheGirl Wrote: My heart defines me. It is too nurturing, too caring, way too giving, too empathetic, too sympathetic, too loving a fault.

My mom & the little hope I have for my future motivates me. No matter how many times & years I continually end up getting sh*tted on, I still have a minuscule amount of hope that things could change someday.

Same as me ^^
"We were a match made in heaven until all hell broke loose"
A heart of gold that was ripped out and stomped on far too many times. A humanity-hating humanitarian. A man who hates absolutely because he loves humbly. A fucking hypocrite, as this world would have it.
The unflinching, ill-informed judgement of all those around me, of course! We are all just waves of atoms, so definition can only be perceptual, a flawed concept for sure.
connection failing, but at least it tried
I define myself. I make myself who I am through struggles and hard work to overcome said struggles. No one else defines me but me, because I'm the only person that knows everything about me.

As for what motivates me, I suppose my kids do, aside from myself, of course.
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Passion and everything it entails.

I'm an intense person, good or bad, and not everyone can handle that. Without it, however, I simply would not be me, and it's both my greatest strength and weakness simultaneously.
I'm a being comprised of the most contradictory traits all at once.
[Image: giphy.gif]
A Formless and Shapeless Cosmic Nothingness...
That is both what defines me, and what motivates me.
I always hate answering these two questions...
"Of Fire in Nature, Love in Spirit unkenned,
Life, hath no axle, no spring, and no End"

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